Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Realizing the Truth

As long as there is a belief in separate self there will be an attempt to manage reality, trying to bend it to fit into the frame of expectations. Whose expectations? No ones. Expectations of some imaginary entity, actually springing from programmed patterns coming from the “outside” and producing spectrum of desires and fears; thoughts and feelings.

And what happens when the belief in "thought-made-I" is dropped is that real understanding of “inner” and of looking “inward” dawns. Seeing the cause and effect in play; Endless influences, life forces, characteristics creating the play, with nothing personal in it. And it means also seeing no boundary between the inside and outside...

As more beliefs and concepts are examined and dropped, the thought patterns change. Thought streams seem to come from a different field; more spacious and lightfull - what previously wasn’t possible, because of the thought streaming from the very confined filed of false beliefs, channeled through a narrow “thought-bound-I” filter.  
Freeing mind from beliefs means allowing better usage of the brain; means less thoughts and more new and useful thought-content than can make difference in a life. 
Free you mind; Realize the Truth! 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

How deep can be now?

Now is like new dimension of depth, going into infinity.
You can’t think about it. 
You can think only about past and future.
Past and future are just thoughts. And now is life itself.
Two completely different categories. 
Whenever the thoughts step back, Now emerges.
It is synonym for the awareness, for the presence, for the free space.
And it is there even when the thoughts come; and go;


Monday, 20 February 2012

Truthseeker pointer

Many say they want the truth.
And truth is already present, right now.
If you are really ready for the truth the path begins right now. 
And it never leaves the now.

What is true? How it is defined? 
Stop thinking for the moment and perceive a bit of yourself behind the ordinary thinking.
Remain silent even in the presence of the thoughts. 
Come back, again and again, in self revealing truth of your basic, spacious condition. Until it becomes obvious and undeniable. Until you get out of the labyrinth of your own misleading imagination. 
Until you get out at the noon light of your own being, which is true.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

2012 – Story or evolutionary leap?

Mayans regarded that life beyond 2012 will be so different that there is no point in counting time beyond this year.

What will be the major change? There are lots of speculations on this theme.
Natural, climate, technology shifts; Consciousness rising…
All based on changes in cosmic radiations.
Deeper investigations on life always lead to its dependence on different radiations, on different frequencies. Electromagnetic fields, different colors, different acoustic frequencies all those waves interfere with brainwaves and hormonal glands activities. 
Human perception and behavior could be reduced to interactions of certain spectrum. 
And as we know huge part of human brain and DNA is unused. So there is lots of room for its wider use which might mean a big change in the way we experience life.

Maybe that is in store in the soon future.

What can be observed from this point now?

Change doesn’t happen automatically, although it is not something we can force and make for ourselves. 
Yet it happens through us.  
We can let it happen with willingness to see reality, to let the restrictive filters being removed.

And one of those filters is thought of “I”, as solid, separate self.

Mind seems to be for the many people ripe enough to twists easily around itself and sees the illusion of separateness, of subject-object relation in life experience. Thought patterns also change that way, as lots of thinking habits are abandoned as useless. And it prepares stage for the total awakening and liberation of spirit. 

As more and more people become awake in this way of being, who can predict what else will become possible.
Maybe really completely new database from the cosmic archives will become available for the mind, wholly new range of the experiences will manifest.

Anyway it seems that this materialistic era is ending and some new era is dawning.
Maybe nothing spectacular is happening for the majority.
Just people more honest, more sane, exploring life on a more sound basis. No more “looking but not seeing, and listening but not understanding”. Humans having courage for the more human living; first-hand living instead of second-hand; Not resisting experience, not hiding, not judging. Opening for the new possibilities.