Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Realizing the Truth

As long as there is a belief in separate self there will be an attempt to manage reality, trying to bend it to fit into the frame of expectations. Whose expectations? No ones. Expectations of some imaginary entity, actually springing from programmed patterns coming from the “outside” and producing spectrum of desires and fears; thoughts and feelings.

And what happens when the belief in "thought-made-I" is dropped is that real understanding of “inner” and of looking “inward” dawns. Seeing the cause and effect in play; Endless influences, life forces, characteristics creating the play, with nothing personal in it. And it means also seeing no boundary between the inside and outside...

As more beliefs and concepts are examined and dropped, the thought patterns change. Thought streams seem to come from a different field; more spacious and lightfull - what previously wasn’t possible, because of the thought streaming from the very confined filed of false beliefs, channeled through a narrow “thought-bound-I” filter.  
Freeing mind from beliefs means allowing better usage of the brain; means less thoughts and more new and useful thought-content than can make difference in a life. 
Free you mind; Realize the Truth! 

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