Monday, 19 March 2012

Serenity of being

“Can thinking be silent, such as a flower, completely open, letting the beneficial rays of the sun envelop her and still, when some form of communication is needed, to respond in a natural way with the wholeness of being?

In fact, this is what life asks of us ceaselessly – to respond only when such a response is needed. The rest of the time, the being should be silent and watch in all serenity.

Ilie Cioara


Friday, 9 March 2012

There is no gap between „you“ and Life

With belief in self, in you experiencing life, there is a more or less constant gap between you and life. You are here and life is over there; And in-between gap full of hopes, expectations, fears... But in reality there is no gap. Gap is created by thoughts. It emerges every time belief in thought “you” emerges. Drop the belief and gap disappears; life flows freely without divisions. It is subtle but simple if you are ready to focus and look within. 
There are now more and more people ready for that; popping out of the illusion of separate self.
World seems to be preparing for the restart; For the new phase of life - not any more based on illusion of separate selfs, people lost in imaginary gap of thoughts.
It is a pleasure witnessing people, recently yet entangled in their life stories, as they just wake up out of it. Sometimes very silently and softly; Sometimes it is in the youth ages without following any special spiritual path, while sometimes it is after many years of spiritual practice and life of seeking. For many of them feeling that something is wrong and agony of continuous seeking for fulfillment become unbearable. And they want to get out of it. Don’t know how, but they feel intuitively the end of it must be here, very close. And if they dare to look with honesty it is really so. Just not out there, but here and now, clouded by some un-integrated feelings and beliefs in deficiency of life, life lived by someone called “me”. “Me” having the feeling that something is missing; me feeling the fear that something needs to be protected; But what? Non-existent I; Unexamined assumption that there must be “me” for life to happen.
However in readiness to look honestly in what is here and now, what always been here and now life reveals itself. Sense of aliveness, awareness, just labeled with the thought as “I”.
For some even a little push is enough to start the process which unfolds itself quickly. After the shift, after passing through the gateless gate, it is seen that actually never was any gate to begin with. As there never was real “me”. It was from start just false identification, interpretation, belief. And life didn’t fit very well when perceived through that limiting filter. And filter is removed in the moment of seeing it; what is seen can’t be unseen and life continues to flow as ever; but it feels much more freely.

Here is one particular case how it may look like when the gap is just disappearing (Like a grapefruit falling from the tree...:); 
First steps over the border in the uncharted land. But they inevitably lead further. How many steps there are till the final destination - if there is one - and how the rest of the journey will look like, is unknown. Open to be experienced.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Indra's Net

There is a beautiful image – an idea that appears in old Indian mythology, image of the Net of Indra, which is a net of gems, where at every crossing of one thread over another there is a gem reflecting all the other reflective gems. Everything arises in mutual relation to everything else. It is even as though there were a single intention behind it all, which always makes some kind of sense, though none of us knows what the sense might be, or can live the life that he/she quite intended.

This image matches with modern holographic image of universe and life and with ancient western teachings of macrocosm and microcosm. This absolute interconnectedness of everything makes also impossible existence of some distinguishable, separate free will in this huge cause and effect network from which nothing is excluded.

Further, each node, each microcosm, representing an individual, simply reflects the qualities of all other nodes, inferring the principal of no-self or a lack of some solid and real inherent self; Just light reflecting itself through the various forms.
Yet at some point of evolution of form life–reflecting embodiments begin to radiate self-thoughts as an identification of life to the form; which diminish their ability for light reflection.
But inevitably comes the next point, when illusion has been seen through – universality of life-light and its-not-belongness to any form.
Each unit is unique because of the unique combination and angle of the reflection of the whole; yet it is not separate, and it is just an expression in continuous ever changing flow and reflection of light-life.

Aim of spirituality is only clearing the delusion; self-thoughts and all related images that obscure clear reflection of light in the each unit, each gem in this life-net.

The clearer one gem is the clearer all others are.
That’s the nature of the reality.
I can’t help you on my own will, because there aren’t me or you with our own existence and will. But if the mutual position of the gems in the net is such, their light reflection will meet and strengthen each other and spread further according to the laws of light and network.