Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Living Life

Is it possible to live without belief in being a concrete, separate entity?
How all these categories are actually connected? What is real center, source and substance of life? Is it same, or different for everyone?
What does it mean to be a human being?
Is it just a dream? Dream of/in awareness, consciousness? Are we at the same time dreamer, dream and dream-character?
Is it just nothing that appears to be something?

Are there answers on all these questions?
Can the life be answered, or just lived? Living life as an answer?

Maybe the truth is really very simple, while the life seems to be complex when thought about.

The key for the unlocking the mystery can be only in honesty; In living life honestly.
Which means listening intuition’s whisper, so called voice of the silence, making accordingly step by step; With as less as possible interpretations, plans and judgments about life. Just feeling what is, what feels right and doing it.

There is a reason for living life through unique personality. It has to be seen through. How it reflects light at which angles, which colors it produces best. It is an instrument with its characteristics, neither good nor bad, but can be used in this or that way. 

Living honestly means questioning source of all impulses if they are really impulses toward more freedom and greater light/life expression, or they are just masked, from illusion originating, illusion perpetuating attempts.

Real goes always towards unity, freedom and love. Never to isolation and separation. But at the same time it means daring to stand on your own, to stay quiet with whatever arises and to think originally, which comes naturally from the silent acceptance of the unknown and conscious intent to look for the truth.

The genuine insights are not accompanied by any belief, neither by feeling of being a separate identity. They are universal, like pure light, pure clarity and knowing merged with ‘knower’. The entire manifestation is known to be an appearance in that formless knowing which is neither within nor without. Even though the body appears to be the host of the consciousness, it is known as a living appearance, as other seemingly different appearances, having no substance apart from the activity of immediate cognition.
That is knowing - that what you really are - not what appears to be - you have always been, and will be. What prevent seeing are various stored data, beliefs and fear of being nothing. But all that can’t survive light sword of honest questioning if it is true.
Whatever your background is, whatever spiritual or philosophical direction you find yourself in, the unchanging true essence of being is the same This; One without a second, regardless of all appearances.

So, the only answer on all the important life questions is in living Life honestly and courageously, always from the point of here and now, from new insights, not from memory, letting this One to be uniquely manifested; Living and speaking the truth, which is truth reflected from your heart and mind, in accordance with your own experience.

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