Monday, 16 July 2012


"Birds have no desire to be reflected in the lake, the lake has no desire to reflect the birds, but it still happens. 

The birds are reflected, the lake reflects, although the desire exists neither on the part of the birds nor on the part of the lake.

In this desire-less-ness everything happens, nothing is done.” 

Zen saying 

Nature reflects mirror-like reality in which light makes all the reflections, connections and radiations. And everything happens intelligently, effortlessly, undivided. 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Self - Liberation

“Love is your compass, ply, my Ark!
Go north and south, go east and west
And share with all your treasure chest.
The storm shall bear you on its crest
A light for sailors in the dark.
Love is your compass, ply, my Ark!”

Book of Mirdad, Michael Naimy

Monday, 9 July 2012

Cup of Contemplation

Cup may be cup of coffee, cup of tea or cup filled with something else. But none of the content makes it a cup. Content, same or different, comes and goes. Cup stays.

It is similar with the human being, which can be filled with various thoughts and feelings. But neither one of them is making human for what they really are.

Essence of the cup, its main characteristic from which stems its functionality is - emptiness.
So it is with the human being; centered with pure luminosity which enables all the appearances to appear; apparently solid body and apparently less solid thoughts and feelings.

Those who know this core, this silent spaciousness - know that it is substantial Spirit from which everything is built and to which everything can be reduced. It is one, indivisible, basic, open-ended state.

Next time you empty your cup of coffee or tea, enter within, beyond thoughts and feelings, into the clear spaciousness of heart and mind and let the awareness meet awareness in this luminous clarity.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Departure from personal self

„In the seen, there is only the seen,
in the heard, there is only the heard,
in the sensed, there is only the sensed,
in the cognized, there is only the cognized.
Thus you should see that
indeed there is no thing here;
this, Bahiya, is how you should train yourself.
Since, Bahiya, there is for you
in the seen, only the seen,
in the heard, only the heard,
in the sensed, only the sensed,
in the cognized, only the cognized,
and you see that there is no thing here,
you will therefore see that
indeed there is no thing there.
As you see that there is no thing there,
you will see that
you are therefore located neither in the world of this,
nor in the world of that,
nor in any place
betwixt the two.
This alone is the end of suffering.”

Taken from Bahiya sutta.