Monday, 20 August 2012

Ariadne’s thread

There is a myth how once was born creature with body like human, just bigger, but as he wasn't son of the man, his head was not like human head. It was like head of the bull. And that creature was hidden by the ruler of that land in the labyrinth and was fed with young men and women, seven of each, every year. 
Till one year one brave young man decided to stop that meaningless offers and deal with the creature called Minotaur. As he was so exceptionally brave he attracted attention and love of the princess called Ariadne. So the brave young man, Theseus, was given by Ariadne sword to slay Minotaur and thread to find his way back out of the labyrinth.

Every human seems to grow up in the world threatened by not so visible monster; By the monster illusion of the thoughts springing up from the one thought: “I”. “I” - the separate self, thinker.  And this monster illusion is eating vital life forces of the people, trained from childhood to believe that “I” thought is a thinker and their precious self, very center of the life.  

But sooner or later there comes Theseus, symbol and embodiment of the courage and honesty, readiness to look for the truth. 
And that readiness brings immediately response from the intuition. Love, or light of the soul offers necessary help to perform the task. 

When illusion is killed with the sword of the light of insight - which means seen for what it is - there is a soul thread leading out of the labyrinth of the rest of the thought chaos, of the dark passages of the conditioning and beliefs. 

That thread is silencing of the mind and clearing it from delusions, leading it back to the natural, primordial state of awareness, to the Light and Love. 
Than there is no more hidden threat from the underground, no more unconscious, no more labyrinths of the time, just the vivid living in eternal now.

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