Thursday, 13 September 2012


Your natural state is free. You home is silent light.
You have never left it.  
Never that which is free was captivated, neither it could be. 
"Than mind is like ocean without waves, steady without discriminating thoughts. And consciousness is like lamp on a windless night, clear, bright and stable."

Recognize real nature of the things. 
Leave worries and doubts, stay calm and balanced; In natural state of the mind and consciousness.

Gently notice all appearances without resistance or special interest. 
Let the innocent attention stay open around everything. 
See how everything that appears liberates automatically itself and disappears into emptiness. 
Nothing exists continuously, neither independently from everything else. 
Everything is present as long as conditions are present and ceases to exists together with conditions. From moment to moment. 
There is no separate subjects nor objects. 
There is just existence existing without fixed core, without separate essence, eternally alive and light-full.

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