Monday, 24 September 2012


What about darkness? Is there such a thing as darkness?
Yes and no.
Darkness is label for anything not experienced as free, light and sufficient.
Every deficit, unpleasantness, any confinement could be called darkness.
But, when looked deeper it is only condensed light. More or less tightly condensed, but always pure potential for freeing more light.
When feel any of it, dive deeper into the feeling and leave the mind behind. Thoughts may come and go. But no need to follow them neither to suppress them. Dive deeper. Spiral further to the center. To the core. When you touch the core you know it, it is pure light. Sweet, luminous space. Awareness aware of itself. Subject and object in one. One Light of the light.
Stay there.
Then let the spiral movement unfold back, without effort, without resistance. Is there anything missing in the moment? Is there anything not contained in this very eternal now?
Despite all appearances and disappearances there isn’t.
Is there anything but light with its inexhaustible potential of further expansion?

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