Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dissolution of time

There is no time in absolute sense, but let’s begin with its concept, with its conventional meaning.

How it is experienced?

Time is change and flow in conventional level. 
If you never question thoughts, time seems to be a real deal. As well as thoughts and story they tell.

But when deconstruction of the lower mental body (self), i.e. questioning thoughts connected with the separate “I”, “me”, “mine” have begun, there are gaps in discursive, dualistic subject-object thinking and glimpses into the emptiness, into the vibration of eternal now, occur.
And that in itself brings quality of what is called Love, light or radiance.

There is also love in conventional sense, connected with feelings in subject to subject relations. It is of the same basis, produced from oneness in eternal Now. But it is connected with the time. With flow of events, building into the love story.

Time is needed for the stories to unfold, but not for the Love. So love doesn’t happen as it seems from the relative perspective, but it becomes manifested and perceived through the story, in time, and always in more or less, apparently, distorted way. Yet It never leaves eternal Now and purity. 

Time is story inspired by love, dancing around it. Love-stories can have different nuances and shades. They again don't exist in itself, they are fabrications made of thoughts, perceptions and feelings.
Always with beginning and end.
But, after the end and before the beginning, there is no time and no story, just Love, unconditional acceptance of this what is. Here, right now.

So it can be said as well, that time isn’t - just Love is.

If clearly aware of it, when search for love, for fulfillment from the confused level of the time-story unconsciously begins, it can be met with this fact; 
Not as merely intellectual fact, but experiential, seen in simple, silent, deep looking.

Than you can do as Rumi said:

“Step out of the circle of time
And into the circle of Love.”

Actually, it is done than. And the experience of time becomes changed forever.

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