Tuesday, 9 October 2012

There is no dividing line

There is no dividing line between inside and outside. 
There is no dividing line between here and there. 
There is no out-there and no here-inside.
What else could be divided?
Is that simple and obvious?
Does that invoke silence, intimacy with whatever is and joyful alertness - making that “whatever is” in always harmonious and vivid vibration?

If it is not experienced, yet resonates as true, stay with it and go with it.
Keep it clear and simple and observe without expectations.

Is there a thinker apart from thoughts and thinking?
Is there anything existing on its own in this experience of life?
Or there is just immense aware space containing whole specter of dynamics going in and out of the transparent nothing, yet, never really dividing or separating anything.

"I move with roaring, howling, and radiant might.
I move with the infinite and nature's powers.
I hold the love of the Lord of Lords. 

I hold The fire of the soul. I hold life and healing."
From Rg Veda

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