Wednesday, 24 October 2012

To be awake

To be awake is everything.

The first step towards this state is so simple that any child could take it. Only those who have been misled have forgotten how to walk, and stay paralyzed on their two feet because they do not want to throw away the crutches they have inherited from their predecessors.

To be awake is everything.
Keep awake whatever you are doing! Do not imagine that you are already awake. No – you are asleep and dreaming.
Gather all your strength together and fill your body for a moment with the feeling (but not the thought!): Now I am awake!

If you can do this successfully, then you will at once perceive that the state in which you were before was merely one of somnolence. This is the first step on the long, long journey that leads from servitude to freedom.

Go on, then, advancing from one awakening to another. There are no tormenting thoughts that you cannot in this way get rid of. They will be left behind and will not be able to trouble you any more. You will be as high above them as the crown of a tree is above the withered branches below.
Your pains will fall away from you like dead leaves from a tree when you feel your whole body, mind and soul is awake.

Read the sacred writings of all the peoples on Earth. Through all of them runs, like a red thread, the hidden Science of attaining and maintaining wakefulness. It is the ladder of Jacob who fought all through the “night” (sleep) with the angel of the Lord until the “day” (wakefulness) broke and he was victorious.
You must climb from one rung to another if you want to conquer death."

Gustav Meyrink, The Green Face

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