Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Song of Lohans

There is a story about noble group of men in service of mankind, Lohans, 
which gathered in China about one century before Christian era.
They escaped from their home country, India, because of persecutions. 
They were forced to escape as they pledged themselves: 
to take no revenge, 
not to become entangled in any conflict and to continue with their work, 
as it had not yet been completed.  

They were successors of many former Lohans and like them disciples of the Tathagata, 
the Perfect One, and they were also called Sweet-voiced Ones;
because of their ability to sing and recite mantrams in the right, magic way.  
Rhythm developed by singing original divine mantram combines that way 
with primordial divine law in accordance with quality, will and deeds of the singer, 
the Lohan, who is in this world but not of this world.

These mantrams sung by Lohans were radiated all over the world as sweet songs, 
as manifestations of the sublime and pure power, 
as an answer of Love to their foes, for the happiness of whole mankind, 
for those who sought way back to their Original Homeland. 

So, by magic deed, they preached one good law. 
They did not struggle, they took no revenge 
and worked as long as their task had not yet been completed;
Task of helping mankind on the way of Liberation.
They sang the songs of Truth and Love.  

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