Monday, 11 February 2013

Light up

Let us dive gently, deep into the brilliant, open space of our microcosm. There is something very precious there. It was called Om mani padme hum

It is spiritual heart of awareness, immaterial seed of everything.
It always was and always will be the center of the universe.
Unbound, unconditioned and luminous, 
it is spiritual and unborn essence of beingness.  
There is nothing to be sought outside of that.

See now with the inner eye
how from that concentrated, powerful field primordial light goes upward 
and lights up the seven holes in the head.
It is the same light that also shines trough the opened eyes,
enabling holographic appearance of the gross and subtle worlds.  
Recognize this essential, timeless light. 

Than feel it again in the alpha point, in the heart. 
Feel the expansion, compassion and appreciation without words and
know this mystery of love and light to be nearer that hands and feet. 

"Awake, my dear,                      
Be kind to your sleeping heart.                                 
Take it out into vast fields of Light and let it breathe." ~ Hafiz

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