Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dzogchen - Timeless Freedom

"In brief, all phenomena that are appearances or possibilities,
as well as what is neither an appearance nor a possibility and is beyond ordinary phenomena, all these are already timelessly free in basic space,
so there is no need now for anyone to make an effort to free them anew.

Even though you might make an effort to do this, 
it would be pointless, so don't! 
Don't! Do not strive or try to achieve!
Don't look! Don't look! Do not look at the concepts in your mind!
Don't meditate! Don't meditate! Do not meditate on the phenomena of your ordinary consciousness.
Don't analyze! Don't analyze! Do not analyze sense objects and ordinary mind!
Don't try to achieve! Don't try to achieve! Do not try to achieve results out of hope and fear!  
Don't reject! Don't reject! Do not reject afflictive emotions and karma!
Don't accept! Don't accept! Do not accept anything as true!
Don't bind! Don't bind! Do not bind your mindstream!

Since everything reverts to a state of evenness,
with no object whatsoever existing,
there is no orderly process, there are no phenomena,
there is no identifiable frame of reference.

The ground collapses, the path collapses,
and any sense of a fruition collapses,
so you cannot conceive in the slightest of good or bad, loss or injury.
Your experience of evenness is decisive, timelessly so,
and you feel certainty about the universe of appearances and possibilities.
The division between samsara and nirvana collapses--
not even basic space exists innately.

There is no reference point- no "How is it?" "What is it?" "It is this!"
What can any of you do? Where is the "I"?
What can anyone do about what was so before but now is not?
Ha! Ha! I burst out laughing at such a great."


"In all directions, may there be well-being, splendor, and wealth,
so that everything that is wished for is spontaneously accomplished,
as though in a pure realm.
May the drum of spiritual teachings resound and the victory banner of liberation be raised.
May the sacred teachings never wane, but spread and flourish!"


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