Sunday, 22 December 2013


In immense, divine garden -
unlimited space of basic state,
pure forever, bright forever,
fragrant forever, 
we remain eternally together.
Of the same nature, from same ground, 
in the same light we grow,
indivisible, powerful and radiant -
perfect manifestation of divine life.
As flowers unfolding in Love -
for truth, goodness and beauty,
our souls in harmonious unity 
eternally exist,
sharing forever inexhaustible divine gifts.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Quiet Heart

On the altar of Light
in the Temple of quiet heart 
Love is worshiped without words.
As within most sacred,
 most beautiful temple,
eternal Truth is praised so
with highest magic, Divine,
in the silence of the pure heart.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Like surging great waves we traveled,
through countless eons
together or apart,
crossing hardly surmountable distances,
surviving manifold adversities,
with only one desire in our heart, 
with only one aim in our mind,
like powerful fire, eternally burning,
we passed through many storms,
saving souls from many dangers,
during this long journey, 
started long ago,
predestined long ago,
to end successfully, in great glory,
to close the unholy abyss, to spread Light,
to bring the precious jewels back home, 
in adytum, of our most sacred temple,
still proudly standing on this sacred mountain. 


Monday, 18 November 2013


Grand, magnificent, 
of utmost importance,
You hide mysteriously 
in most simple, 
in minute details,
with zero pretense, 
without presumptions, 
with absolute transparency
with total ability to stay in Itself,
forever unchanging,
although constantly bursting out,
radiantly, unreservedly giving Itself,
forever alive, irrevocably immortal,
You stay still, unmoving,
never divided, never polluted,
brilliant and indescribable,
unknown, yet unavoidable, 
priceless and perfectly flawless.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Sacred Mountain

O, Sacred Mountain, great protector, 
You are indeed abode of inspiration, 
and You really grant it freely and gracefully.

May we stay transparent for this inexhaustible flow,
and with thankfulness keep our being always open 
for the high charge of this power,
so it can stream always further,
and reach always new hearts. 
May we understand rightly 
what has been given to us 
and be willing and able to give further,
what we have so abundantly received
from Your mysterious source.  

May the mercy and Love,
pouring directly into our hearts
be to our eternal blessing,
in the measure we share it with others. 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ethereal Doves

Serving eternal fire in the Temple of Spirit, 
in unity with Light of all lights, 
like white ethereal doves,
flying freely in and out of the hearts,
we, from the Order of the Sky dancers, 
dance our magical, timeless dance,
as scintillating stars, 
inspiring and calling  
on the path of rebirth of inner, living god, 
on all levels of life.  
We support broadening and clearing of horizons, 
increasing power of true thinking 
and dynamic of will and acting.
Moving through all domains of existence,
we bow down only before the Divine almighty 
on the altar of Divine service,
according to our innermost experience,
of the most powerful power, 
of our common essence - Light of all lights.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Sacred dance

It starts like soft glimmer, 
like promising whisper,
from aglow heart
and open space of awareness
is suddenly embellished with lively play.
Vast fragrant fields 
unfold majestically, adorned 
with most beautiful ornaments,
made from seven sacred elements.
Supporting stability of earth.
Vibrant clarity of water.
Silent embrace of air.
Creative flames of fire.
Bright vastness of space.
Magnetic potency of Light.
Mysterious all-pervasiveness of Love.
All alive, dancing eternally, sacred dance of seven elements, perfectly.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Born in the haven of deepest silence
from the gentle power of Love, 
breathing softly pure Light, 
growing steadily stronger and stronger, 
immortal Soul finally spreads her wings
joyfully reveling her beauty, 
as she soars up in the sky. 
And vast space of the sky
lights up in indestructible brightness, 
as glowing dance of the Soul unfolds
 in endless expanse and lightness.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Divine Breath

In the divine garden, divine roses bloom, 
of divine beauty and of divine scent,
always soothing, always uplifting.

In the divine garden divine fountain chants the divine song with drops of living water, pouring eternally,
reflecting eternally the light of divine,
never-setting sun.

In the divine garden Divinity breaths unceasingly, renewing and purifying everything constantly, 
which in return inevitably
celebrates the divine Love gracefully.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Four Roses

This is a fourfold ode to my four sisters. 

First ode is to highly appreciated, glorious Athena
She is the embodiment of higher mind and pure will for understanding the principles of creation, and putting them into practice, for the benefit of all.
Sword, spear and armor are symbols of her fearless readiness 
to protect and defend noble principles and highest good and 
to deflect anything that may threaten them. 
May the brave spirit of my sister Athena, ancient human guardian, 
open our minds to the stream of primordial Light!

Second ode is to my dear sister
It is her which always moves us to make new, daring steps into the unknown and to break all bonds that try to keep us imprisoned. 
It is her spirit with us when we stand alone in darkness and wilderness and feel no fear. 
It is from her our fierce desire for freedom and unstoppable will to achieve it. 
And from hers empowerment is also that we can radiate loving kindness 
for all living beings and nature.
Thus she undeniably deserves our utmost gratitude!

Next praise must be to my beautiful sister
so sweet and joyful, but with the spirit old as time itself, and even older. 
She is direct descendant of the most powerful power.
Where would we be without her? 
Life would be unimaginable without this lady of inspiration, 
without this irresistible awakener of the heart.  
May her magical and sparkling spirit stay forever alive in our hearts!

And the last praise is to my beloved sister
for doing her task unfailingly throughout all times,
for keeping the fire of longing for our celestial home burning,
for teaching us to descend in the silence of our soul,
for showing us how to pray and to love divine Light.

From here further, this praise can continue only in silence and in deeds.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sacred Way

Come, meet us at the summit,
where all opposites reconcile permanently and irreversibly;
It is a stunning view from here -
above the broad valleys of humans' confusion and the raising gulf of delusion.

But to join us you will have to climb up
the mountain path passing by the old ruins of outdated conceptualizations, 
limiting descriptions and 
unnecessary reifications. 
As you will climb higher, the breathing will become more and more difficult,
the way more and more rocky and
also the weather more unfriendly. 
But if you continue and spontaneously recognize that it doesn't matter,
you will notice that you don't need to breathe any more and that your steps  don't need to touch the earth.
Than you will be here, at this special place, where unchangeable purity and absolute indivisibility of the Spirit rule.
You will be heartily welcomed and
you will know us as we know you.
You will see with our eyes and 
we will be looking through your eyes.
We will flow down together with the purifying, crystal clear waters of this sacred mountain and we will blow with their mighty winds in all ten directions, 
reshaping completely old world -
into the new one.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

In the Temple of Spirit

I was sitting for a long time 
at one of Your beloved places, overlooking the ancient city, 
waiting for You. 
The time was passing by with countless, meaningless perceptions, among which I couldn't notice You, 
and to my bewilderment, 
I couldn't even feel You approaching.
The weather and landscape tried kindly to make me a pleasant company,
but I could think only of You.

Haven't You called me here, to this high place?
Or You meant some other place?
Have I misunderstood the message?
Was it the wrong time?
So I came down, unsettled like the wind itself,
walking and walking around,
and looking for some other place 
where I could still meet You - 
but without finding it.

And suddenly, in an instant, 
in a tiny part of the second, 
we really met. 
We met unexpectedly, yet in a very decisive psychological moment,
deep down, where ordinary can meet extraordinary 
and inner outer.
Yes, of course, we met in the greatest temple of all,
in the Temple of Spirit.

It couldn’t have been otherwise.
And as usual, it was delightful, 
Your vision becoming mine - all of clarity, expanding joyfully;
Your breath becoming mine - all of light and lightness,
and whole experience was stretching itself, 
mildly and brightly,
like the rainbow over the suddenly illuminated sky.

In a unique way, once again You inspired the soul and 
cleared the path in front of her.  
Your magic deleted once again border between us, 
enabling greater understanding of the wisdom,
inherent in our timeless connection. 
Your grace has been shown once again, 
eliciting again deep gratitude, 
increasing Love and renewing devotion.   

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Halls of Light

Clear and bright,
Full of light and lightness,
Full of joy and happiness,
Free of delusion,
Free of descriptions,
Free as Freedom.
 What an auspicious confluence with your brilliant flow,
O, Eternal, irresistible Spirit!
How immeasurable Your mercy is,
How great Your power and
How perfect Your Love.

Your perfection outshines everything;
With only one wish surviving this powerful stream,
to dedicate to You - unwavering Light of lights,
now and always,
our utmost devotion and gratitude,
for opening these glorious 
Halls of Light.