Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Silent offering

In the name of the light eternal,
for the sake of the the soul-of-light,
open the gate,
let the light-dove fly again;
have no fear,
set her free.

Make the silent offering
in the darkest hour;
feel her suffering,
hear her calling.

In the name of the meaning,
of your own life,
for the sake of the true love,
make the space for her,
to spread her wings,
to fly freely home.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Temple of the Heart

Thank you,
for building this temple for me,
where I can enjoy sitting silently,
where I can feel timeless harmony,
where I can sing and dance tirelessly,
where I am perfectly free.

Thank you,
for creating this precious space,
always full of Light,
always in resonance with my heart.

Thank you,
for creating this special place,
this most beautiful temple,
in your pure, golden Heart.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Temple of Heaven

Standing in the center,
of the circle,
of the large temple,
immovably gazing upward,
at the open space,
of the blue sky,
expanding in unbounded clarity,
released from gravity,
at the same time
falling deeper and deeper,
in never ending
heart opening,
we are reassured -
it's undeniably obvious -
blossoming multiplicity 
never leaves unity,
as all division 
is forever indivisible.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Fiery Being

Light the pure Fire of the Spirit
in the inner sanctuary of your being.

Let the fire 
burn and melt,
let it create 
new thoughts, feelings and deeds.

And behold,
how in this trinity
of wisdom, Love and power,
true life reemerges,
how from the ashes of the old,
like fiery bird, like golden phoenix,
new being arises.

Friday, 27 December 2013


Light of the world, 
you still shine,
you are still radiant, 
simple and pure,
like white dove, 
like fragrant rose,
like sweet smile,
like beautiful, bright day.

You keep immortal treasure 
forever safe,
as alive chalice,
filled with imperishable virtues 
of noble souls,
perfect in Love, united in Spirit,
completing their way,
way of the stars.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Silent night

In the serene flow,
like mild wind blow, 
in tranquil harmony,
like of the soothing melody,
Light enfolds the heart,
preparing it for the new life. 

And totally unsuspected,
in this gentle silence,
there is mighty presence,
of the Spirit immortal,
guiding and supporting,
mysterious rebirth,
of the most powerful soul state. 
And there is great joy,
in this - unbounded expanding;
in this - souls' awakening;
in this - unique feeling -
in power of Love, silent growing.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Chalice of Light

From the space of inner silence,
there is always helping hand,
offering freely gift of Light,
like chalice of invisible, 
but unmistakably felt, 
forces of wisdom and power,
supporting unflinching attitude,
open, fearless ankind,
based on stable reliance,
 on self-sprung awareness,
on undying, unborn nature -
of the innermost spiritual essence. 
In the space of inner silence,
there is supporting field,
magnetic and alive,
felt as mysterious fullness,
as unity and simplicity
deep down in the heart,
empowered and settled in Love,
assured in its unbreakable bond,
with the source of divine Light.

Sunday, 22 December 2013


In immense, divine garden -
unlimited space of basic state,
pure forever, bright forever,
fragrant forever, 
we remain eternally together.
Of the same nature, from same ground, 
in the same light we grow,
indivisible, powerful and radiant -
perfect manifestation of divine life.
As flowers unfolding in Love -
for truth, goodness and beauty,
our souls in harmonious unity 
eternally exist,
sharing forever inexhaustible divine gifts.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


True meaning of life is constantly built
as soul develops her knowledge and strength, distilling them from universal ground, playground of all experiences - just like flower develops naturally, 
its fragrance and beauty from creative intelligence and invisible, vital elements. 
With strong will to return to the pure domains of spiritual unity, soul attracts mighty forces from abundant resources, enabling her finally to bond with the Spirit, eternally.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Pure Intention

Coming here,
from the space of unknown,
with sacred flame -
with one intention, pure,
carrying lamp with the Light of Love -
with the holy prayer.

May this high vibration,
of the fiery Uranus radiation,
fulfill its task,
touch and awaken your heart;
May you open and receive
this heavenly gift,
which is able to directly transmit,
this precious, so much needed,
power of Light immaculate, original,
for your, so much longed,
renewal, absolute and total.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Fluid Flow

There is joy, flowing, pure -
in living spontaneously,
in Light bonding with Light endlessly,
in beneficial Spirit acting tirelessly,
in recognition of ancient Love,
performing everything effortlessly

In crystal clarity of stable presence,
in unending, free falling,
in unbroken fluidity,
merging moment to moment;
there is joy, flowing, pure -
crossing with bright streams of Light,
meeting ineffable creativity of the Spirit, 
uniting with most gentle -
Breath of Love.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Luminous Emanation

O, imperishable Light, 
may Your bright streams 
penetrate veils of dense domains,
may Your warm grace 
pervade coldness in shadow fields;
May Your power and love 
be felt increasingly in all regions of life and Your transparent vastness 
open for everyone;
May Your endless intelligence
become obvious and free from delusion, released from all obstacles
in its purest manifestation;
May every word and sound 
be clearly recognized -
as Your own decoration,
and every appearance be rightly seen - as only Your - luminous emanation!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Silent Rebirth

You, as delicate shimmer, 
from far away,
approaching swiftly,
nearer and nearer,
become powerful, abundant,
inescapable light flow.
You, Spirit eternal,  
magnificent, incomparable,
contain all precious elements,
alchemical ingredients,
of serene joy,  
transparent clarity
and profound simplicity. 

You, lightfull emanation,
perform silent miracle, 
making devoted soul shine again, 
in Wisdom and Love, 
radiant and reborn,
in a star-like form. 

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Bright Lightness

I am in a brightness of the clear sky,
and in the openness of open hands,
open minds and open hearts;
I am in joy of natural perfection,
in freedom of spontaneity;
I am light in the heart of the world.

May you meet me on my way,
as I travel on en eternal ray;
May your path cross with mine;
You will recognize me by subtle impression, by inevitable reflection 
of my smile in your heart.
Let it happen. 
Let the unfathomable lightness 
fill your being, 
let the light find you ready, 
Let the Love divine lead you unfailingly, to your bright destiny.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Crystal Flowers

Timeless Brotherhood of Light,
may the all unearthly flowers 
of the spiritual souls, 
flourish and crystallize again,
from pure Light, offered by Your hand!

There is no other way for them to live,
but to be reborn in the holy fire of Love.
There is no other way for them to blossom, but to long for the absolute
and permanent unity with Light.
There is no other way for them to enliven in Light, but to unconditionally open whole being for the pristine rays of the homeland sun and in the sacred, silent longing let the heart be reconnected with its radiant power. There is no other way for them to be alive, but through the primordial Light of Love.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Divine life as self-evidence of Love,
flows in lower domains silently,
as stream of Light self-offering,
to testify about pristine Love
in great and small, in particularity 
and in totality, of one and all
in every moment, equally.
Thanks to this noble omnipresence,
constantly, abundantly, unceasingly,
inexpressible becomes expressed, beautifully and potently,
by pure grace,
as each clarified and vivid here and now, directly, instantaneously.
And thus from deep, mysterious fields of divine silence, expanding endlessly in a luminous dance, light of Love flows tirelessly, fulfilling everything perfectly.   

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Secret Treasure

In immense depths, eternally reborn,
we emerge in form, 
directly from formless, to which we again constantly return.
In this sacred, undying play 
perfect knowledge is encoded,
of how to manifest, 
and where to appear in which way. 
We bring always many gifts,
from dakinis' secret treasure -
magic, subtle, full of light, 
radiant, shining, brilliant and purifying.
Inevitably, we incite complete change, directly and unavoidably, 
we ignite total renewal, swiftly;
Sharp and radical it may be, 
but all we bring,
comes from one uncompromising, unfathomable, 
supreme source of Wisdom, Power and Love.


Monday, 9 December 2013


In a fiery circle bellow the mountain,
mighty glow emanates from our praise,
to the eternal Source ,
in which we stay forever united, 
forever radiating the Truth -
of mysterious singularity of Life 
and of infinite space, full of Light.
"O heart, 'tis you my chief Parnassus are, 
Where for my safety I must ever climb.
My winged thoughts are Muses, who from far
Bring gifts of beauty to the court of Time;
And Helicon, that fair unwasted rill,
Springs newly in my tears upon the earth,
And by those streams and nymphs, 

and by that hill,
It pleased the gods to give a poet birth.
No favoring hand that comes of lofty race,
No priestly unction, nor the grant of kings,
Can on me lay such lustre and such grace,
Nor add such heritage; for one who sings
Hath a crowned head, and by the sacred bay,
His heart, his thoughts, his tears, 

are consecrate alway."
Giordano Bruno