Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pyramid of Love

Life is a pyramid of Love. Whole life is just that; One big, unimaginable great and magnificent pyramid of Love. All seen and unseen worlds are part of it - pyramid of Love.

Nothing is outside of it; neither it could ever be.

Different levels, different densities, dimensions and beings are just manifestations of different frequencies of Love; That single, primordial frequency of everything.

Love is first and last letter of creation.
In every corner, at any level, whether you go bottom - up or top - down, you can only find That – Love.

But it is not a thing. It can’t be extracted, captured nor kept.
You can’t gain it, neither can you lose it.
You can't send it, neither you can receive it.
It just is. It can be felt and expressed in one or another way, in one or another manifestation.

And whatever is happening is always happening according to its law, law of Love.
If it doesn’t seem so, it is because of many different frequencies of its manifestations. 
There is no good and bad, but there is a law of Love, by which everything is propelled to move to ever higher frequencies of Love. 

Love doesn’t know separate entities, just patterns which manifest its movement to ever greater harmony and light, i.e. higher frequencies of Love itself.


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