Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Space Dancer

From vast, empty space I am coming
filling your heart with light.
No, you can't see me.
I have never been seen with human eye. 

No, you can't hear me. 
Never human ear have heard from me. 

Formless silence before the time is my home; High above the earth.
Leave the bonds, 
open dark depths of your heart 
and fly with me. 
With my shared power cut through the clouds,
till there is nothing but the bright sky.

Here we can be one. Forever.
You and your dakini.
Infinity of space and clarity of light.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


"Everything arises here and now.
It is not that this arising is a matter of here plus now.
Here is now.
Now is here.
It is not a matter of time plus place equals our experience.
It is now equals here equals is.
This is the exertion that you must release yourself into in order to realize who you are.
Without the exertion of you releasing yourself, nothing is realized, nothing is real.
All that you have are stories, descriptions, presumptions and
By releasing yourself into That which unfolds itself as everything,
which arises everywhere as everything, right now,
you realize this arising.
You are the realization of this arising.
Without the exertion that needs no one to do it,
that is done by no one at all
but is simply exertion exerting itself,
nothing would arise."
Anzan Hoshin Roshi 

Virya is one of the Paramitas, aspects of being awake to reality. 
They are considered to be six: Dana or Generosity and Love, Sila or integrity and purity, Kshanti or patience and flexibility, Virya or unbound energy and exertion, Dhyana or perfection of mindfulness and contemplation and Prajna or perfection of wisdom and highest understanding.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Perfect Mandala

Mind can operate in two dimensions. 
One nirvanic, unitary, unmovable spacious and lightfull; And the other samsaric, dualistic, made of perpetual polar exchanges.
But they are not separate, they don’t occupy two different places. 

This time-dimension is just a magical display which appears in the pure space of the timeless one. It is projected illusion of the primordial light, from inside out reflecting itself, sustaining itself. 
Once the mechanism is seen through, first, timeless dimension prevails in experience. Clarity brings more clarity and confusion self-liberates upon arising. 
Mandala of life-experience is seen to be in perfect order. 

It becomes clear that any vision is not outside there, neither it is inside, here.
It is just display of the light of the awareness without location, beyond ordinary coordinates of time and space.
It is always new, always vividly projected from timeless awareness; Which in itself can not be obscured, nor stained, nor interrupted, neither it can deviate in any way from its fundamental, pristine nature - which is Light.  

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Divine fivefold manifestation of being

I am Your beloved daughter.
I am Your helper, balancing the five elemental aspects in beings, 
so they can see You and know You,
as You can see and know them; 
So they can love You as You love them. 

I do it from Your endless love for them, which is my love for You. 
You supreme, transcendent Spirit,
Light of all lights. 

I am earth when earth is needed.
I am anchor, refuge and security. 
I am steady and stable ground, from which recognition arises, 
develops and remains. 
I give birth to the wisdom of equanimity and independence of circumstances.

I am water when water is needed. 
Bringing ease, content and acceptance. 
I radiate quietly in the hearts of those who forgot where to find the joy. 
I am living water, pouring and refreshing freely. 
I am crystal clarity erasing borders between inside and outside.
I am air when air is needed.
I move and change and open new horizons. I flow and re-connect.
I am ability of transformation, mysterious force of real alchemy which leads to You.  

I am fire when fire is needed.
I am potent; I express strength and holly creativity. 
I purify and burn; letting everything old and useless be exhausted 
and naturally expire from Your sacred presence. 
I pave road to the pure bliss of Your Being.

I am also light of space. That dearest element most close to You.
I am open field of awareness without which nothing could be possible. 
Here is all seen vividly; and thus effortlessly self-liberated.
O, transparent, luminous space of unification and voidance of all elements, 
here I pray for the final balance of the whole.
Let this space be beautiful and vibrant manifestation of You.  

I am Your beloved daughter.
I am soul and mistress of the five primordial elements.
Thus in their perfect balance I enjoy the most, praising Your great glory.

May all beings benefit from this.
May all be healed, balanced and renewed in Your power and Love for all eternity. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dance in the sky

"Now until the dualistic identity mind melts and dissolves,
it may seem that we are parting.
Please be happy.

When you understand the dualistic mind,
there will be no separation from me.
May my good wishes fill the sky."

Yeshe Tsogyel