Saturday, 16 February 2013

Divine fivefold manifestation of being

I am Your beloved daughter.
I am Your helper, balancing the five elemental aspects in beings, 
so they can see You and know You,
as You can see and know them; 
So they can love You as You love them. 

I do it from Your endless love for them, which is my love for You. 
You supreme, transcendent Spirit,
Light of all lights. 

I am earth when earth is needed.
I am anchor, refuge and security. 
I am steady and stable ground, from which recognition arises, 
develops and remains. 
I give birth to the wisdom of equanimity and independence of circumstances.

I am water when water is needed. 
Bringing ease, content and acceptance. 
I radiate quietly in the hearts of those who forgot where to find the joy. 
I am living water, pouring and refreshing freely. 
I am crystal clarity erasing borders between inside and outside.
I am air when air is needed.
I move and change and open new horizons. I flow and re-connect.
I am ability of transformation, mysterious force of real alchemy which leads to You.  

I am fire when fire is needed.
I am potent; I express strength and holly creativity. 
I purify and burn; letting everything old and useless be exhausted 
and naturally expire from Your sacred presence. 
I pave road to the pure bliss of Your Being.

I am also light of space. That dearest element most close to You.
I am open field of awareness without which nothing could be possible. 
Here is all seen vividly; and thus effortlessly self-liberated.
O, transparent, luminous space of unification and voidance of all elements, 
here I pray for the final balance of the whole.
Let this space be beautiful and vibrant manifestation of You.  

I am Your beloved daughter.
I am soul and mistress of the five primordial elements.
Thus in their perfect balance I enjoy the most, praising Your great glory.

May all beings benefit from this.
May all be healed, balanced and renewed in Your power and Love for all eternity. 

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  1. What a beautiful prayer! The five elements in their pure form are great teachers...