Monday, 25 February 2013

Perfect Mandala

Mind can operate in two dimensions. 
One nirvanic, unitary, unmovable spacious and lightfull; And the other samsaric, dualistic, made of perpetual polar exchanges.
But they are not separate, they don’t occupy two different places. 

This time-dimension is just a magical display which appears in the pure space of the timeless one. It is projected illusion of the primordial light, from inside out reflecting itself, sustaining itself. 
Once the mechanism is seen through, first, timeless dimension prevails in experience. Clarity brings more clarity and confusion self-liberates upon arising. 
Mandala of life-experience is seen to be in perfect order. 

It becomes clear that any vision is not outside there, neither it is inside, here.
It is just display of the light of the awareness without location, beyond ordinary coordinates of time and space.
It is always new, always vividly projected from timeless awareness; Which in itself can not be obscured, nor stained, nor interrupted, neither it can deviate in any way from its fundamental, pristine nature - which is Light.  

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