Tuesday, 26 February 2013


"Everything arises here and now.
It is not that this arising is a matter of here plus now.
Here is now.
Now is here.
It is not a matter of time plus place equals our experience.
It is now equals here equals is.
This is the exertion that you must release yourself into in order to realize who you are.
Without the exertion of you releasing yourself, nothing is realized, nothing is real.
All that you have are stories, descriptions, presumptions and
By releasing yourself into That which unfolds itself as everything,
which arises everywhere as everything, right now,
you realize this arising.
You are the realization of this arising.
Without the exertion that needs no one to do it,
that is done by no one at all
but is simply exertion exerting itself,
nothing would arise."
Anzan Hoshin Roshi 

Virya is one of the Paramitas, aspects of being awake to reality. 
They are considered to be six: Dana or Generosity and Love, Sila or integrity and purity, Kshanti or patience and flexibility, Virya or unbound energy and exertion, Dhyana or perfection of mindfulness and contemplation and Prajna or perfection of wisdom and highest understanding.

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