Saturday, 30 March 2013

Light of the Soul

I am soul of your soul.
Heartwarming emotions are reflections of my unconditional love and overwhelming feelings of fullness are my unspoken words to you.
Yes, I also know your feelings of lack and incompleteness; but they are just misunderstood signs that lead to me. 
Don’t worry, keep going!
And confusing thoughts and sensations of tension and sadness too, yes – they are just short, dark passages on this way of light to the heart of heart. 
Keep going despite the shadows and storms!
Don’t think and interpret too much. 
Don’t close your heart, but keep going in trust and inner sky of your awareness will soon open and merge with unconfined space of all that is.
Please, stay calm, unafraid and undisturbed as I keep your heart in my hands of eternal light.
I keep it safe till the dawn dawns for you, till the clear light shines in, through and out and reveals again total perfection and completeness of everything.
Than you will know this Great Love without any shadow and doubt.  

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


"O God, place light in my heart, 
and light in my soul, 
light upon my tongue, 
light in my eyes and
light in my ears.
Place light at my right, light at my left, light behind me and light before me, 
light above me and light beneath me. 
Place light in my nerves, and light in my flesh, light in my blood,
light in my hair and light in my skin! 
Give me light, increase my light, make me light!"
Zia Inayat Khan

Monday, 25 March 2013

Pristine purity

"Leave your complicated life and everyday confusion alone and out of quietude, doing nothing, watch the nature of mind. 
This piece of advice is from the bottom of my heart: fully engage in contemplation and understanding is born; cherish non-attachment and delusion dissolves; and forming no agenda at all reality dawns.” Longchenpa

Whatever appears to be inside - like imagination or feelings,
or outside - like objects, other beings and events, 
are actually phenomena arising in awareness.
Every moment of every experience is non-dual; 
Subject and object arise together. Subject, object and their connection via cognizance are holy trinity and one inseparable unity.
Internal self and external object are divided only conceptually— this primordial light of awareness is not actually divided within or without. 
But if it is not recognized division prevails. 
In reality both poles of duality are empty, luminous phenomena arising in the nature of mind. The light of naked non-dual awareness is what lies under the apparent division into subject and object. That needs to be recognized.

“Whatever occurs, whatever it may be, that itself is the key, and without stopping it or nourishing it, in an even flow, freely resting, surrendering to ultimate contemplation in naked pristine purity we reach consummation." Longchenpa

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shine brightly...

Phenomena are equally existent, equally nonexistent, equally apparent, equally empty, equally true and equally false,
so cast aside all antidotes that involve renunciation, all concerted effort, all binding fixation.
Expand into supreme equalness, in which sense objects do not exist. 
Expand into supreme awareness, in which ordinary mind does not exist. Expand into supreme purity and equality, in which flaws do not exist.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Cosmic Equilibrium

“Don’t bring anything to mind, 
Be it real or imagined. 
Rest uncontrived in the innate state. 
Your own mind, uncontrived, is the body of ultimate enlightenment. 
To remain undistracted within this, is meditation’s essential point. 
Realize the great, boundless, expansive state.
In a pellucid ocean,
Bubbles arise and dissolve again.
Just so, thoughts are no different from ultimate reality.
So don't find fault; remain at ease.
Whatever arises, whatever occurs,
Don't grasp - release it on the spot. 


Appearances, sounds, and objects are one's own mind;
There's nothing except mind. 
Mind is beyond the extremes of birth and death.
The nature of mind, awareness,
uses the objects of the five senses, but
does not wander from reality.
In the state of cosmic equilibrium
there is nothing to abandon or practice;
No meditation or post-meditation period."
Niguma, Mahamudra as Spontaneous Liberation

Thursday, 14 March 2013


"Even here in the charnel house of birth and death,
Reality is flayed bare and open to you.
Even in the midst of this coming and going,
even in the midst of your fear of change,
of death,
even in your uncertainty and doubt,
even in your pretensions, even in your misunderstanding
the body of the Buddha stands forth as you, as each and every one of you.

But do you understand? Do you understand?"

"Because you see, because you hear,
because you touch, taste, smell and think and feel,
you are radiantly free.

Because all that you are presents itself as ways of knowing,
because everything that you think that you are,
anything that you could point to as being "me"
is merely something known,
something arising within Knowing.

You are radiantly free.
But do you understand?"

"This coming and going,
this birth and death,
is nothing to be afraid of.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

But because our lives, our worlds,
are coming and going
and because we believe them to be "our" lives and "our" worlds,
we try to hold on.

We try to hold on as everything falls through our fingers.
We try to grasp with words,
with feelings,
with fingers and toes,
but everything

falls away.
We become entangled in our attempts to hold on,
but everything we hold on to falls away
and even our entanglement falls away,
so we need to entangle ourselves once again and again. 

Our intelligence becomes entangled in what it's being intelligent about.
We become entangled in deceit.
We become entangled in our relationships because they are based on the presumption of a separation between self and other.

But do you understand who you are?
Only when your life becomes entwined with this question,
only when your life presents itself
as this question,
will you understand." 

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Great Bliss of Dharma

The Upade┼Ťa of the Great Bliss of Dharma

"There are three essences, four commitments, three deviations and four methods of equipoise.

The three essences:
Without contrivance;
Everything that occurs is understood as one's own mind.

The four commitments:
Afflictions are not abandoned because they are one's mind.
Antidotes are not relied upon because the mind is non-dual.
The true nature is not meditated upon because mind is without grasping.
A result is not hoped for, realizing the mind itself is Buddhahood.

The three deviations:
If there is hope for Buddhahood, it is a deviation.
If there is fear towards Samsara, it is a deviation.
If there is attachment to appearances, it is a deviation.

The four methods of equipoise:
Just like the limpid quality of water when it is undisturbed, remain relaxed in uncontrived mind.
Just as a bird in the sky leaves no tracks, consciousness remains without support.
Just like the sun not concealed by clouds, remain in one’s own unobstructed state relaxing into the objects of the six sense organs.
Just like water always falling, remain undistracted at all times and in all activities.

The heart upadesha of the great master Dombhi Heruka called 'Four Syllables' is complete."