Friday, 1 March 2013

Clarity, openness and transparency

"The knowingness of knowing, the capacity to know, is traditionally called "komyo" or "luminosity", the Luminosity of Knowing. This quality of luminosity is also spoken of as "sunyata" - emptiness, openness, transparency. 
Whatever is known is not actually a thing, no matter how you might think of it. In the fact of present experiencing, it is a known, an experience, and is utterly transparent. 
In reality, everything is already exposed, we are already exposed, but we like to think that we can hide."


"Thoughts don't know anything. We think the center of our intelligence is the bit that does all of the thinking. If that were true, then how do you know that you are experiencing a thought? Where are you knowing that thought from? What are you knowing it with? The Luminosity of Knowing shines through you, through all of your thoughts, through all of your feelings, through everything you experience, through all that is.

Luminosity is the capacity of Knowing to know.
It is also called the Current of Feeling.
Awake Awareness is Knowing as such, primordially awake, but when "you" wake up to it,
then this distinguishes it from Awareness.
"Awake Awareness" is an intensifier as a phrase.
Luminosity is the capacity to know.
Knowns are the radiance of luminosity.
Awareness is bright right through.
Awake Awareness means you've woken up to it.
To be transparent means that there is absolutely nothing you can hang on to. It means that none of your thoughts are solid. None of your feelings are solid. None of your views or attitudes are solid."


 "Just see clearly, just pay attention openly, just be transparent."

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