Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Great Bliss of Dharma

The Upadeśa of the Great Bliss of Dharma

"There are three essences, four commitments, three deviations and four methods of equipoise.

The three essences:
Without contrivance;
Everything that occurs is understood as one's own mind.

The four commitments:
Afflictions are not abandoned because they are one's mind.
Antidotes are not relied upon because the mind is non-dual.
The true nature is not meditated upon because mind is without grasping.
A result is not hoped for, realizing the mind itself is Buddhahood.

The three deviations:
If there is hope for Buddhahood, it is a deviation.
If there is fear towards Samsara, it is a deviation.
If there is attachment to appearances, it is a deviation.

The four methods of equipoise:
Just like the limpid quality of water when it is undisturbed, remain relaxed in uncontrived mind.
Just as a bird in the sky leaves no tracks, consciousness remains without support.
Just like the sun not concealed by clouds, remain in one’s own unobstructed state relaxing into the objects of the six sense organs.
Just like water always falling, remain undistracted at all times and in all activities.

The heart upadesha of the great master Dombhi Heruka called 'Four Syllables' is complete."

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