Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shine brightly...

Phenomena are equally existent, equally nonexistent, equally apparent, equally empty, equally true and equally false,
so cast aside all antidotes that involve renunciation, all concerted effort, all binding fixation.
Expand into supreme equalness, in which sense objects do not exist. 
Expand into supreme awareness, in which ordinary mind does not exist. Expand into supreme purity and equality, in which flaws do not exist.

Do not engage in thought streams 
nor in any other data traveling naturally through the conscious mind.
Do not reify causality in any of it, 
but instead rest in this timeless, ungrounded moment completely undisturbed.
All the memories, all the plans, feelings and sensations - 
leave them appear and disappear as transparent display 
of this luminous moment,
this open, intelligent awareness - without grasping at any of them.  
Rest in utter effortlessness. 
And shine brightly!

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