Saturday, 6 April 2013

Luminous Hearts

Come in my silent garden and sit by wellspring.
Just sit and keep quite.
Let the thoughts and feelings settle down.
Keep sitting, immovable. Let the silence deepen.
Let the flame of consciousness burn unwaveringly.
Stay undistracted by whatever appears inside or outside of the body-mind.
Stay as one light, one torch of presence in unlimited open space of awareness.

Let your calm, luminous heart shine. Let its light spread in all directions, let it climb upwards and outside through the eyes.
Let the holy light of eternal soul regain that body and mind.
Let than light of the soul reunite with the primordial Light of all lights.


  1. This is simply beautiful Eloratea!

  2. It is also my experience when i open to the luminous flow of pure BEIng...

  3. Yes, Light :)... Thanks for sharing and for your comments.