Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Open Heart Prayer

I will open my heart now and let this Love be disclosed.

It can fly silently and land gently like a dove.
It can roar loudly and overwhelm everything like an ocean.
It can become potently coherent and focused, cutting precisely through anything, like a laser beam.
And I hope that my love, passing through innumerous possibilities, will always reach you in a most suitable and beneficial way.
I hope this love - now and always - will bring you that which is most needed and take away what needs to be taken away.
I pray that light rays of this formless, omnipotent love always most appropriately manifest my heart's best wishes for you.
May this love be your companion, lamp, shield or shelter if you ever need them.
May the bright light fill your heart completely.
May you feel growing abundance and freedom.
May the ever greater lightness and spontaneous perfection be your experience.
May you be always inseparable from this pure, incomparable bliss of soul union!

This is my heart's Prayer.

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