Monday, 22 April 2013


On a clear day when sky is blue and bright,
when flower perfume smells in the air,
when sunshine and wind are pleasant,
let the beauty touch your heart,
let the perception remind you of the serene
and impeccable beauty of the soul. 

Let the soul's gentle being pervade the horizon of the experience;
And the awareness emerges cleared again-
of wrong beliefs and concepts about various things that never existed truly.

There isn’t and never was anything more important than this timeless moment in which everything returns back to its source.
It is precious moment beyond time,
in which anything that may appear is allowed to do so, 
yet nothing is accepted to exist really and separately from the whole's transparent essence.

As sun and sky belong together in the vision and light permeates all the sight, 
so is every aspect of experience ensouled by the Love and fitted perfectly in this mysterious manifestation of Divine. 

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