Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Love as timeless wakefulness

Transparent simple presence
contains immeasurable love of all that is.
Just this simple presence.

When space of awareness opens, and clarity prevails,
complete fulfillment is revealed;
Just in this simple presence.

Nothing else and nowhere else to be sought nor found,
but here is already everything that could ever be wished for.
Just this simple presence.

Circle of love, written by Light,
 is completed now,
in total surrender to this what is,
in this sacred, timeless wakefulness.

So tender and so simple this love is,
melting all words and all concepts;
In just this single sphere of simple presence.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Primordial Light

Innumerous silver and golden cords connect heaven and earth.

They all run through my being,
creating my body every moment anew.

They all come together 
in the heart of this shimmering body 
and intense light emanates from it.

Silver and gold dual forces
forever beating,
never to be separated, 
made from one transparent light -

are the very essence of all.

To this amazing and beautiful eternal play, I bow down.
To this incomprehensibly simple and sacred ground of all existence, I bow down.
To this marvelous primordial transparency and its transcendent rays, 
I bow down - in deepest appreciation and love.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Song of Transparent Dakini

Subtle brightness is my appearance 
and Sphere of shining light is my form,
as a loving unity of all vibrations,
where they bring and surrender their colors 
to this sheer luminosity.

Thus my dakini essence is crystal clarity 
and transparent radiance;
Delicate as a snowflake,
yet my energy can be felt piercing 
as a cold wind.
Like the mountain goddess,
my nature is beautiful,
distant and mysterious;
able to reveal treasures or send big avalanches.

I am the unity of seven primordial forces,
radiating all their blessings 
in the form of seven-lights rainbow.

Various Dakinis have different styles 
in accordance with their basic vibrations;
They can be: 
playful and dramatic, purifying and calming, 
caring and enriching, fierce and wrathful.

But I am your soul's basic vibration.
Most subtle, I represent detachment,
necessary for the highest spiritual transcendence.

Combining elements from other dakinis 
and distilling them,
I pull the soul 
from the grip of various attachments,
from ignorant clinging to the worldly things.
I am the gentle force 
which conquers the monsters of the mind,
helping with lust and greed,
cooling the fires of passion, anger and hatred 

and transforming them 
through love and understanding,
into compassion and forgiveness,
till nothing remains, but Light. 

Yes, I also guide the soul 
when the gross body is destroyed.
I guide the spiritual, light-spark of the soul 
further - to the serene fields of uncreated Light.

My generous help is always pouring,
offering itself freely,
to those who do not involve yourself 
in dramas of the earth theater.
Know that you can avoid all the traps 

with my support,
by being mindful, transparent and kind.

Know that Light and Emptiness 
are the only true Way,
way of transparent Dakini, way of your Soul!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Queen of the Lake of Awareness

"The Supreme Being is the Dakini Queen of the Lake of Awareness!
I have vanished 

into fields of lotus-light, 
the plenum of dynamic space,
to be born in the inner sanctum 

of an immaculate lotus.
Abandon unnecessary activity 
and rely on solitude.
Practice energy control, purify your psychic nerves and seed-essence,
and cultivate Mahamudra and Dzogchen.

The Supreme Being is the Dakini Queen of the Lake of Awareness!
Do not despair, but pray!
When you see your karmic body as vulnerable as a bubble,

realizing the truth of impermanence, 
and that in death you are helpless,
disabuse yourself of fantasies of eternity,
make your life a practice of sadhana.
And cultivate the experience that takes you to the place where Ati ends."

Yeshe Tsogyel

Monday, 13 May 2013

Resonance in Open Space

"For all that crosses your mind, like this:  

Whatever rising as the poison of emotions or flowing as the river of thoughts  

No invitation nor chasing away 

No contraction or fabrication 

Free in the simple allowance of their arising 

Let them settle like fallen beads,
This self liberation is the Truth Body of the Buddha.

For all that is heard by your ears, like this:
Do not judge them harsh or sweet   
Free from following thoughts  
Stay in the emptiness of all sounds and noises  
This unending resonance in open space  
Is the very Speech of the Victorious. 
For all things seen by your eyes, like this:  
Stay with no clinging whilst you watch them  
Free from the dual trap of perceiver and perceived  
All things inner and outer  
Either beings or objects  
This luminous emptiness of no grasping  
Is the very form of the Deity."
From Le'u Dünma - The Prayer in Seven Chapters to Padmākara, the Second Buddha; Terma revealed in the fourteenth century by Tulku Zangpo Drakpa.