Sunday, 12 May 2013

Clearing Perception

"Looking around, I find the perception of beings to be truly amazing.
They fixate on what is not real, so that it certainly seems real.
They fixate on confusion where there is no confusion, so that there certainly seems to be confusion.
They reify what is indeterminate as determinate, so that it certainly seems determinate.
They reify what is not so as being so, that it certainly seems so.
They reify untenable as tenable, so that it certainly seems tenable."

Longchen Rabjam

Abiding in unestablished reality, 
through more and more short moments,
recognizing one's undefined, open awareness, 
breaks through delusional habit of reifying what doesn't need to be reified - 
numerous mind and emotion streams, as well as all events in the experience.
Thus, as if sky opens up, new potent space is perceived,
and recognized to be our first and most intimate, 
timelessly present nature. 

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