Friday, 14 June 2013

Five Emanations of primordial Light

Mandala of our human manifestation has five main points.
Man and woman are divine energy, its fivefold manifestation, in reciprocal polarization. In its original, pristine form, they are like shining stars, vibrant, with radiating potential in five basic colors and and all their mutual combinations.
Yet, if spiritual essence of their soul, transparent light vibration, is not clearly recognized, those five aspects seem not to manifest beautifully and harmoniously, and all kind of distortions can appear. 
In that case there is a help, gift of grace from the very spirit, Dharmakaya nature of timeless, unconditioned awareness, represented in the form of five wisdom Buddhas which, when invoked, with streams of their subtle energy conducted through the human’s head and heart help in balancing those imperfections.
That’s possible because real and true perfection can not be harmed, ever; it is never gone, it is just not clearly recognized, so those light powers help in clearing the mind’s and heart's consciousness.
All souls can choose to remain faithful to their real being, to the living and lightfull essence of all; to be awake, lucidly present in this manifestation of their own, by spirit granted, awareness.
And if you choose so and notice any obstacles and imbalance, ask at that point for help which is always available from our one, common, abundant source which presents itself since ancient times in many forms. One of them is known as five Buddhas, representing five emanations, always very willing to help those who seek their own, eternal, immaculate state.
From my heart radiates spontaneous prayer, 
that generosity and splendor of those holy powers never fade!

As I turn right, there is you, blue Akshobhya. Blue like sky, you reflect qualities of spaciousness and expansion.
You are known as representation of calm, mirror like wisdom. Nothing is disturbance for you. You represent neutral perception, never entangled in passing appearances; you are embodiment of balance and equanimity. There is no bit of aversion left in your enlightened nature.
And your nature is the same as my nature. Let this insight be sealed and manifested in reality of my life permanently.

Behind me, yellow as sun, is glowing like a gem, Ratnasambhava. Warm rays of his presence remind of his generosity, of total absence of arrogance and pride which appear due to illusory attachments in lower beings because of their misperception of self and others. But your great compassion, o Ratnasambhava, makes no differences. There are no good and bad for you, there are no unworthy of your love. All who turn towards you in honest prayer, contemplating your meaning are welcome to receive your blessings.
May your nature great one, be completely recognized and manifested as mine too.

And as I turn on my left, there on the west side, I meet your flaming, loving being, o red Amithaba, Buddha of endless light.
Your whole body is one big heart in which only purity and beauty blossom. You are a powerful magnet for all those seeking love.
Your love has a specific quality in addition to universal love of Ratnasambhava, as it appreciates also uniqueness of every soul and every aspect of being regards as a beautiful ornament in the mandala of existence.
O, great source of inspiration, thank you for all your gifts. Find me always worthy of them so that I can pass them onto all other beings and show them way to you and your land of light!

And than, right in front of me is green Amoghasiddhi. One look at your breathtaking manifestation of pure emerald takes and dissolves all that confines, contracts and divides. As none of it is possible in the presence of your magnificent and soothing beauty.
You are so mysterious and powerful.
You show how energy once released of material grip, manifests freely and potently, for the benefit of all. That power knows no obstacles. You are embodiment of absolute fearlessness and total liberation. 
May I recognize once forever oneness of mine essential nature with yours!

I bow down in all four directions to all of you, great transformers of afflictive emotions and confused thoughts into clarity and love, thus preparing stage for the central and most revered, most noble, white Buddha Vairocana, sitting right in the middle of life’s mandala.
Appreciated Vairocana, You are invisible eternal light free of all ignorance through all times. You are my innermost essence. You are innermost essence of all light beings.
As white color is fullness of all colors, so you are wholeness which contains potentially and can manifest actively any of the enlightened aspects.
May all beings realize what is your highest meaning and 
may all beings live out of your transcendent nature!

Thank you five glorious emanations of divine!
May your compassionate service never stop,
till there is a single aspect of confusion and opposing forces in our miraculous universe, emanating from pure light!
Here I open my fivefold being to your purifying energies, 
and pray that my being may be aligned again with the primordial intent of the supreme source and radiate further those beneficial streams of your healing powers!

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