Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lightfull Abundance

Sweet and fragrant is this love of immortal soul,
beautiful and pure like flowers of an apple tree.

Sacred is this love,
as that old apple tree,
that stood there,
when we met last time, 
on that green, holy land.
And the sky is the same, 
so bright and open, 
celebrating again this immense love.
So mysterious and promising 
is this vibration,
full of light and ready to pour itself totally, always anew.

From where comes this incredible abundance?
This love is a gift from our father, Light of all lights,
which sent us once before we knew about time and space,
in the world of time and space, and all kinds of divisions,
to bring his light spirit here and
remind of their real nature all his souls - light sparks.
And here with the help of our divine, all-loving mother,
bestowed with her warm and nourishing nature,
our task is completed and now we can enjoy this great completion.
We remember together our eternal essence and home 
and our reestablished unity reunites all manifested polarities in time and space,
and causes this most holy Love to flow freely in all directions,
waving its light treads through all worlds,
that ever were, are and will ever be.

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