Monday, 10 June 2013

Heart's Fire

Thank you, o, Goddess of the heart's fire,
that you allowed me to drink from this eternal fount of fullness.
Now I know what is expected from me.
Now when you called me to the top of the hill,
and gave me this flaming sword of love and truth,
now I know that nothing but pure, real love
can be given from my heart,
which became united with yours.
In accordance with the universal law of harmony
anything less will not be accepted
and will be felt by me as a scorching pain.
And I willingly surrender to this task.

Yes, I see now that our dear symbol, humble snowdrop,
 means purity which needs to be reinstalled from my heart outwards.
And I understand that these white swans are souls
gliding on the lake of manifested life,
 which need to be accepted, fed with light of our compassion
and all possible understanding.
Yes, I know that as a sign of a merciful transmission
from your heart to my heart
You send bright rainbows over sky
and I know that every time it means
our ever greater inseparability.
Thank you, for all these gifts,
beloved guardian of light beings.
May our will be united now and forever,
and may I never deviate in this sacred task
from primordial essence of our existence,
which is Perfect Love.

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