Saturday, 1 June 2013

Rainbow Bridge

Do you know me?

I have no dwelling place in this world of confusion and misperceptions; As my nature is bright clarity. But as there is nothing outside of my self-originating light, I am most subtle element in your every perception, every single breath, every single beat of heart.

And in every unperceivable quant of information, that creates your thoughts and emotions, I am.

I am invisible energy that makes your every movement possible. And I am space which harbors your stillness.

Even if you do not know me, I am your inevitable destiny; no escape from me is possible.

Even if you can’t see me yet, as I can see you, you can already feel my gentle touch in the sacred space of your heart. Because, there, in your heart is primordial, timeless connection between my divine essence and your spiritual soul.

There is a shining rainbow bridge between me and you.

My name is Love and when you recognize it,
come, tread this way of Light,
which leads to final manifestation of our unbreakable Unity.

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