Thursday, 27 June 2013

Silent Alchemy

High, above all and everything,
there is a mystery of eternal being,
there is a timeless hyperspace
of totally clear, brilliantly luminous,
all-knowing awareness.
And there is an open portal to it -
in your own heart.
Descend into this most holy place within, open-ended, without center, without boundaries, 
and merge with the sacred vibration that resides therein.
That’s the vibration of the purest, primordial Light.
That’s the vibration of the unbounded Freedom.
That’s the vibration of the only Truth which is Love.
And this silent center of your own manifestation,
is the only place where the mysterious alchemy can happen.
And this is the only way to get through - 
to the ineffable mystery of existence,
and to the fulfillment of your sublime, adorable destiny - 
as a potent and beautiful being of Light.

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