Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Immaculate Origin

“Spirits who would help each other must descend from kindred stem.
The Brothers in the realm of Light, the counselors who guide you, 
are human beings like yourself, 
not stones without feeling, 
devoid of all passion, dead to this life.
All goals that impassion mortals with longing, 
we, masters, treat with respect.
But our own eyes discern the ultimate aim of all searching. 
All earthly desires in error and sin 
to us are revealed as trackless pursuit of Beauty Eternal.
And so we prepare unmistakable paths, 
willing to guide souls gone astray safely to Light;
moved with compassion abiding in Love.“ BYR

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Harmony of the Spheres

To know and to be able to express Harmony on every level of Life is to live in accordance with the Divine Will, is to live directly out of Divine Love and to manifest consciously the Divine Wisdom.

To be in harmony is to know about polar forces that birth and sustain life in their dynamic interchange as mother-father, female and male, principle and to be able to apply their laws in optimal way for the the further evolution of Soul as guided by the Spirit. 

And for any creation or creature that comes into being due to activity of those polar forces, their own development and place in the whole is maintained by also twofold activity of centrifugal and centripetal forces. If beneficial unfoldment of life processes is to be seen, constant balancing of those two forces is necessary. That for the intelligent beings means gaining all experiences on personal level, without becoming self-absorbed and loosing connection with the divine and universal.
It means also that all power, all divine pranic Light which comes from common invisible source no one keeps only for themselves, but always gives freely further and thus becomes always open for the new inflow and participates thus in eternal light stream of life’s renewal.
When centrifugal and centripetal forces become balanced, and active and passive aspects of forces function in a harmonious manner, in accordance with their inherent nature, 
human beings align again with the preexisting divine plan. 
Microcosms become whole, radiant spherical beings, complete within themselves, seamless, 
in every move and act expressing their divine, balanced and smooth nature. Creating thus all together bigger harmonies and super-harmonies throughout the space and hyperspace, known as music of the spheres.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Word from the Beginning

The Word from the beginning is the primal Light power which as sevenfold breath of God has pervaded all seven sacred elements of creation, synchronizing them into one, dynamic and harmonious Life. 
For the mankind two highest elements are yet unknown and before they can be known human being needs to transfigure by means of the fifth element. 
Each element in itself is sevenfold and thus seven aspects of the fifth element contain all that is necessary for the awakening and sevenfold development of the soul-based life. 
Unlike four lower elements in which sound and other vibrations with time dissipate and fade away, in the fifth element they are kept alive and radiate constantly throughout all other elements, upward and downward.
Which means that the Word from the beginning still resounds in this cosmic substance and radiates Light power. 
It still wants to be comprehended by the human heart.

But to be able to pierce through the noise of disharmony of lower elements caused by, from one divine life separated self-will, 
it needs cooperation of the human heart, its tuning to this subtle vibration 
and surrender to its life changing message. 
While waiting for this, prayer resounds in its empowering voice:

May you become aware of the one Light power which wants to get through to you.

May you feel loving radiations emanating unceasingly, throughout day and night, 
by this Light and their servants.

May your heart be found open and sensitive to the influx of this liberating stream. 
May it be strengthen with this gentle touch so that there will be no fear and resistance when light sword will need to be used to exterminate 
all the remnants of the darkness within. 
May you know it is only one and the same, divine force of Love from the beginning.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Unify and Revive

Paying attention to the silent longing of the highest order in our innermost and following it in trusting obedience opens the door out of dividedness of the heart and mind from which arise all kinds of delusions and suffering. 
If mind can become humble and stilled in this process, ceasing with meaningless activity, formless, radiant and vivid presence emerges in immediate experience and revival begins. And mind begins to awaken. It finds itself in out-of-time, translucent, self-originating and self-sustaining field of awareness; Meeting its own, real nature - simple and profound, open and pure.
Like the dawn gradually dispelling darkness, treading in this primal space dispels old inherited misperceptions and mis-discriptions of reality.

And abiding in it renews cognitive and creative abilities and releases currents of the real Gnosis to pour freely through the mind stream.
Surrendering further to the process and resting without effort to alter, modify or improve anything with the old will, channels conducting life forces become purified and come in a receptive state for the higher vibrations coming from the light field of the heart. As the heart is the corresponding domain with the central sun - one, invisible magnetic light source, from which manifest and out of which exist all visible and invisible life-giving radiations.

Thus when once microcosmic light field in the heart space can again appropriately connect with cleared and illuminated mind space, this reunion enlivens also connection with the macrocosmic light field.
Mysterious alchemical process is than fulfilled. And its beautiful result is undestroyable and free to further unfold, now in a much more meaningful and harmonious way.
Because king and queen, Spirit and Soul can regain again in unity. Celebrating timeless Love and Wisdom which operating in time, create miraculously from ancient elements and forces, always something new and more wonderful.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Golden Tokens

There are some tokens by which all real servants of the One Light can be recognized. However they may differ in their earthly appearance, or spiritual maturity, all those belonging to the Order of the Truth, connected with the community of the immortal souls, share all those common marks.

Firstly, what they inevitably posses is patience, not as virtue of their mortal personality, but as radiation coming out of knowing of the eternal laws. In accordance with that, only tools they ever use in their work are goodness and mercy. There is no hatred, nor aggression in their deeds, though they behavior may be fiery it is always fire of the higher harmony clearing its path through the lower realms. Without need to force anything, neither to fight against evil, but spontaneously revealing the truth they discovered in themselves and manifesting their authentic harmonious state of being, they trust that when time comes universal laws of resonance will separate and remove what doesn’t belong to the reality of eternal goodness.

Another recognizable sign is their constant amiability and friendliness. They never show ill will, bile, or mockery. Everyone is met with unbiased kindness and best wishes. There show flexibility in all outer circumstances, as much as their own dignity it allows. They have risen above social conventions so they can fit and walk effortlessly in any kind of environment without attracting attention on themselves.

They don’t know envy. Before anyone can really serve the Light their blood has to be purified from this poison. That means to be always absolutely satisfied with one's own destiny, to accept it without objections. Ones free from envy they are capable without expecting any blessings for themselves to offer their blessings to all, wholeheartedly.

They never boast, as they perfectly know and experience that they are just instruments of the divine power and will. They are never in hurry to do anything before they have received the impulse from this higher power residing in them, as well as in the higher realms of our world. They speak consciously as they know inherent power of the words, stemming from the primordial Word, from the creative force of the powerful Logos.
They also never show vanity. They live content in themselves, silently enjoying beauty of the inner worlds reflected in the beauty of their own souls. Yet, they always stay humble, no matter how great their spiritual gifts may be.

They don't rebel against any ordinary duties or outer formalities. Immutable laws of real life are written in their hearts and govern all their thoughts and deeds. They are well aware that only value comes from the union of their soul with the spirit, so they are never disturbed by outer rules if they don't come in collision with those inner laws. Thus serenity and luminosity of their souls is always maintained and leave traces in their actions.

There is no ambition among brothers and sisters of this order. They always care more for the benefit of others then for their own.

They can never be really irritated or disturbed. They inevitably invoke resistance of those directed by selfish motives and dark forces, those which by their very nature, either intentionally or just because of ignorance and arrogance, try to obstruct propagation of Light. But divine harmony of the noble souls stays inviolable. They always do what they are compelled to do by their inner guidance, without fear for their personal life. Firmly rooted in reality, accompanied by the vibrations of the higher spheres they remain immune to everything lower. Their strength is always renewed by the holy Communion with other pure souls, abiding either in material or in higher spiritual spheres.
They never harbor evil thoughts about others, as there is no evil in them they could project unto others. Till they get clear insight in real nature of some appearance, they always rather keep affirmative than negative attitude.

Love for Truth and justice is one of the clear signs that radiates from those beings. Truth is only thing they seek and in which they enjoy together. Truth is Light they are able to share and love to share with all those longing for that same Light.
Silence is power which they know to preserve. So they save what they innerly know in the silence of their hearts until divine impulse let them to reveal it.

They have perfect trust in divine fundamental principle of Truth because they feel it in their souls and are aware of it in their minds, as well as they posses unshakable hope, as a certain conviction of the heart, that what they have realized so far from the spiritual reality will grow further and will be fulfilled. So their faith and hope are vivid and stable. They know that in everything, however it may be dark, is hidden a seed of light and they can’t do otherwise but to hope and pray that it may unfold one day and that all darkness will eventually cease to exist.

They are always above any kind of suffering and outer circumstances can never overcome them. Knowing that light is in this domain always accompanied by the shadow, but also that power grows with the resistance offered to it, they just take care that they are always found aware of their true being and in full possession of the spiritual gifts they attained through their experiences in life dedicated to the truth.
And finally, they always stay members of the Order of the Truth, as this sacred bond is unbreakable. Names, times, places, languages and other temporal conditions don't matter. Whoever realizes Truth and follows it in their soul-oriented life is forever connected with all others of the same kind.

Those are the words came once from the heart ignited in the fire of the Holy Spirit and transmitted always anew so that this flame of Love for the universal brotherhood of mankind may never be extinguished.
May all open human hearts be touched and inspired by the nobility of those attributes which are actually common potential of the real human nature;
May they be awakened by the resonance with the released power; so that all may be once ignited in this holy fire of Love and really live, united in the Truth.