Saturday, 20 July 2013

Beautiful arising

Once touched by divine Light and following that innermost call in our mind, heart and will, transformation ensues.
Recognizing infinite potential of the touch coming from the spiritual field, which encompasses and pervades light field of the soul, which encompasses and pervades everything else perceived, felt or thought in our immediate life field, our innermost being opens and arises in these soothing and empowering radiations.
Even if still wandering through the shadows we stay serene ever more assured in final overcoming of Light and our deeds become more balanced, unfolding from the center of the threefold soul power, called also faith, hope and Love.   

And in a such way of life, surrendering old image of the self, our true identity, innately beautiful and powerful emerges.
Inspired by timeless wisdom, continuing with perfect faith and perfect hope in divine, everything is finally transcended in a perfect, all-fulfilling Love.

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