Friday, 12 July 2013

Brilliant Glow

If we can be fully present in both - manifest experience - and yet - completely aware of awareness, fully present in the formless, flaming bliss of spiritual wisdom, than the rainbow connection is seen between the two seemingly separated worlds of form and emptiness, matter and spirit; luminous connection of translucent patterns of energy that swirl and interweave and carry out the divine plan, making invisible, visible, unknown, known. Sacred fire of unification of all dualities and all opposite forces than ensues in one's most intimate experience.
Just by acknowledging in every moment our unique, freely flowing heart-mind stream and resting as that, resting in natural glow of one's own transparent and spacious essence, everything becomes spontaneously perfected. 

May the eternal divine flame, already present in the soul field of our being,
made itself known in the sanctuaries of our bodies and assert itself in our life 
for the greatest good of All!

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