Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Effortless blooming

Contemplating structures and constituting elements of our life, it seems to be a complex process without clearly defined neither form nor essence. Going deeper into the examination it appears to be more and more elusive, full of faintly connected multiplicities, with vague borders between them and with ungraspable center.

But beneath all of that, beneath every and all complicated structures, there is a treasure trove. 
There is one, uncompounded, unifying field, supporting and permeating all; Always present, always on, vibrating in the smallest and in the greatest. It is a treasure trove of most powerful invisible forces, which can manifest visibly anything for which there is a commitment coming from unified intent of our mind, heart and will. And it always and only wants greatest good for the whole. Nothing more, nothing less.
This preciousness of inestimable value can be easily overlooked in ones life because of its subtlety and simplicity, but once recognized this presence grows ever stronger by every single moment of our granted gentle attention. By that means grows our alignment with it and develops honest appreciation and ever deeper surrender to it.
Thus relaying more with ever stronger confidence on this subtle presence, gravity center of our life shifts from fleeting appearances, contrived concepts and confined identities to this indescribable, open spaciousness without solidified center, without perceivable boundary.
And subsequently all the various flows of life manifestations in our experience become purified and empowered. Spontaneously, clarity replaces confusion, strength replaces weakness and compassion with ability to be beneficial effortlessly increases.
In beautifully growing familiarity with true reality of our being, as one pure and unobstructed field of light forces, deeper insights also begin to bloom about the things previously veiled. Because all that is, was and will be, emanates from the single source, from this heart of Life, which is our home beyond space and time, and here and now.  

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