Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Harmony of the Spheres

To know and to be able to express Harmony on every level of Life is to live in accordance with the Divine Will, is to live directly out of Divine Love and to manifest consciously the Divine Wisdom.

To be in harmony is to know about polar forces that birth and sustain life in their dynamic interchange as mother-father, female and male, principle and to be able to apply their laws in optimal way for the the further evolution of Soul as guided by the Spirit. 

And for any creation or creature that comes into being due to activity of those polar forces, their own development and place in the whole is maintained by also twofold activity of centrifugal and centripetal forces. If beneficial unfoldment of life processes is to be seen, constant balancing of those two forces is necessary. That for the intelligent beings means gaining all experiences on personal level, without becoming self-absorbed and loosing connection with the divine and universal.
It means also that all power, all divine pranic Light which comes from common invisible source no one keeps only for themselves, but always gives freely further and thus becomes always open for the new inflow and participates thus in eternal light stream of life’s renewal.
When centrifugal and centripetal forces become balanced, and active and passive aspects of forces function in a harmonious manner, in accordance with their inherent nature, 
human beings align again with the preexisting divine plan. 
Microcosms become whole, radiant spherical beings, complete within themselves, seamless, 
in every move and act expressing their divine, balanced and smooth nature. Creating thus all together bigger harmonies and super-harmonies throughout the space and hyperspace, known as music of the spheres.

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