Sunday, 14 July 2013

Love divine, immortal

When pure gold of the Spirit merges with the shining silver of the Soul,
pure Light shines in all ten directions.

All love there is, all love that can and can’t be imagined, is derived from this Love between Spirit and Soul, 
from this union,
that celebrates Light eternal.

This pure Love is never to be exhausted, its blissful glow outshines everything else.
Such is this purest Love, never to be really bound or obstructed by anything else, by anything lower, 
yet always sharing its essence with all elements it comes in contact with,
transforming them and extracting out of them - two most noble ascending forces.
And when their final unity happens, 
Love’s blessings spread all around, through all created worlds.
Once again Love rises high above anything, anywhere, anytime.
It knows no dimension, no space, no time, no beginning, no end.
Just pure Light
That is the Love divine, immortal.

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