Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Resolution in Freedom

“In the space of intrinsic purity
lies the essence of clear reality;
Translucent Gnosis arises therein,
or, rather, it has always existed there.” 
Gnosis arising is recognizing open-ended, never beginning, never ending reality;
reality never to be polluted, confined, bounded or distorted in any way.  

Mind creating various concepts,
like building houses with many levels and separated rooms, still can never really divide the space of immaculate awareness.
Just by opening doors and windows on the house,
inside and outside space merge naturally and effortlessly;
as if they have never been separated.
That is the destiny of all mind made separations and limitations,
in the space of translucent and intrinsically pure reality.  

Relaying on spontaneous wisdom, this forever existing, shining flow,
instead of on particularities of the experience -
just from cosmic quantum data produced images and sensations -
this primordial wisdom unfolds spontaneously, unstoppably
in ever greater harmony, in ever greater radius of Freedom.

Thus, when gnosis inherent also in the energetic manifestation of created beings conjoin, 
by opening the doors of awareness,
with the infinite gnosis of the uncreated, eternal light field, felt as illumined sky-like, unlimited awareness,
karmic tendencies without doing anything special with them are set free and non-dual, brilliant transparence is recognised as what we are; what we have always been.

“If we possess such profound realization
then like a lion leaping long and high,
on super-transparent awareness,
without any transition of birth and death,
we jump through into the cavern of jewels,
abiding in timeless ultimate freedom.”

Quotations are taken from Dzogchen Supreme Source text. 

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