Friday, 26 July 2013

Unify and Revive

Paying attention to the silent longing of the highest order in our innermost and following it in trusting obedience opens the door out of dividedness of the heart and mind from which arise all kinds of delusions and suffering. 
If mind can become humble and stilled in this process, ceasing with meaningless activity, formless, radiant and vivid presence emerges in immediate experience and revival begins. And mind begins to awaken. It finds itself in out-of-time, translucent, self-originating and self-sustaining field of awareness; Meeting its own, real nature - simple and profound, open and pure.
Like the dawn gradually dispelling darkness, treading in this primal space dispels old inherited misperceptions and mis-discriptions of reality.

And abiding in it renews cognitive and creative abilities and releases currents of the real Gnosis to pour freely through the mind stream.
Surrendering further to the process and resting without effort to alter, modify or improve anything with the old will, channels conducting life forces become purified and come in a receptive state for the higher vibrations coming from the light field of the heart. As the heart is the corresponding domain with the central sun - one, invisible magnetic light source, from which manifest and out of which exist all visible and invisible life-giving radiations.

Thus when once microcosmic light field in the heart space can again appropriately connect with cleared and illuminated mind space, this reunion enlivens also connection with the macrocosmic light field.
Mysterious alchemical process is than fulfilled. And its beautiful result is undestroyable and free to further unfold, now in a much more meaningful and harmonious way.
Because king and queen, Spirit and Soul can regain again in unity. Celebrating timeless Love and Wisdom which operating in time, create miraculously from ancient elements and forces, always something new and more wonderful.

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