Sunday, 28 July 2013

Word from the Beginning

The Word from the beginning is the primal Light power which as sevenfold breath of God has pervaded all seven sacred elements of creation, synchronizing them into one, dynamic and harmonious Life. 
For the mankind two highest elements are yet unknown and before they can be known human being needs to transfigure by means of the fifth element. 
Each element in itself is sevenfold and thus seven aspects of the fifth element contain all that is necessary for the awakening and sevenfold development of the soul-based life. 
Unlike four lower elements in which sound and other vibrations with time dissipate and fade away, in the fifth element they are kept alive and radiate constantly throughout all other elements, upward and downward.
Which means that the Word from the beginning still resounds in this cosmic substance and radiates Light power. 
It still wants to be comprehended by the human heart.

But to be able to pierce through the noise of disharmony of lower elements caused by, from one divine life separated self-will, 
it needs cooperation of the human heart, its tuning to this subtle vibration 
and surrender to its life changing message. 
While waiting for this, prayer resounds in its empowering voice:

May you become aware of the one Light power which wants to get through to you.

May you feel loving radiations emanating unceasingly, throughout day and night, 
by this Light and their servants.

May your heart be found open and sensitive to the influx of this liberating stream. 
May it be strengthen with this gentle touch so that there will be no fear and resistance when light sword will need to be used to exterminate 
all the remnants of the darkness within. 
May you know it is only one and the same, divine force of Love from the beginning.

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