Friday, 23 August 2013

Truth, Ethernal

"The soul that becomes strong in itself, which rises above material things and remains itself in joy and sorrow, exists in Eternity." 
Krishna to Arjuna

When mind realizes it is not a closed, and separated system of some fixed and confined being an important inner door opens and invitation for the Light, for the pure imperceptible substance, has been sent to come in and circulate throughout human experiences. 

And this Light circulation is what makes soul strong and non-affected by material circumstances. This Light is what develops heart consciousness which does not reason and analyze, but meets and knows things directly. This Light is what's in a mystical language called balm of Gilead, which comforts and nourishes soul, so that ones the unification with the Spirit and very concrete rebirth of living God in Life Eternal may happen.
Thus, when once by mind is realized that just simply thoughts are thought; feelings are felt; experiences are experienced; that all things come and go, appear and disappear, grow and decay and nothing can be held onto or pushed away - but there is only the spontaneous self-release of the here-and-now soul remains free, effortlessly abiding in the midst of any of it. Soul becomes more and more conscious of her inherent purity and stability, of her own inborn nature. Than all speculations and philosophies fade away, whole being calms down and in heart touched by the radiation of Eternal Truth, for which it longs for and searches, dawns the conviction of an incontrovertible fact that this Eternal Truth will eventually come and be known in Its fulness.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Love Reflections

Fragments from a medieval Cathar text about church of Love:

It does not exist in a fixed form,
but only by the mutual agreement of persons.
It has no members except for those who feel that they belong to it.
It has no rivals because it does not nourish the spirit of competition.
It has no ambition because it only wishes to serve.
It does not have any national boundaries because love does not act this way.
It respects all the great teachers of all times who revealed the truth of Love.

All who belong to it, practice the truth of Love with their whole being.
Those who belong to it, know that.

It does not try to teach other; but only tries to be and by being to give.
It does not make itself known by loud words, but works in the free domain of being.
It salutes all those who have enlightened the path of Love and gave their lives for it.
It does not promise reward neither in this or in another life, yet only the joy of being in that Love.

The church of Love has no secret, has neither mystery nor initiation except for the deep knowledge of the power of Love, as the world must change, if we as persons wish it so; 
but only if firstly we change ourselves.
All those who feel that they belong to it do indeed belong.
They belong to the church of Love. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

In the Garden

In the garden of soul-flowers, 
in the middle, springs eternal well.
Its water is always fresh, its sound is still, but vivid, melodic and resounds unceasingly, like home calling.

It radiates grace and love, which embrace whole garden in a beautiful, fragrant atmosphere.
Its magnetic force draws forever the flowers with invisible lines towards itself, giving them life and strength. 

This garden in which all souls abide in unity, connected with the fountain of divine light power is open for everyone ready to orient their lives towards the immutable Light.

Everyone can open door in their heart which leads into this garden and than light forces themselves come to meet and help each soul to regain their primordial inner power and to meet their own, inner, living God.