Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Eightfold Path and Fruition

"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Beatitudes don't promise bliss in the future, when some other state will be reached, but they state it as a fact established already in the present. Poor in spirit meaning poor in thoughts about past and future, poor in futile speculations.
Eight is a number of infinity containing unity of the walking the Path of soul's awakening and its completion, symbol of one's being centered in ever new presence in actual now.
Eight statements of beatitudes are thus complete revelation for the activation of the potential for happiness and joy already latently present in every human heart.  
They are represented by the eight points of the holy cross which when revolving gives an image of the flower; All symbols of the fully bloomed human heart, fully functioning human being, called child of God; Which is animated by the new, thirteenth power coming outside of the old, endlessly recycling twelve zodiacal powers.  
This new power comes from the domain of pure, sidereal light, or kingdom of heaven
It contacts human system in the central organ from which blood and thus whole system can be purified and ennobled for the soul-life of higher virtues, in inner joy and freedom.
Blessed are already all those opening their heart in trust, longing for the Spirit, for the Light and real Life in Eternal Harmony. 
They shall attract the response from the Light, 
they will be inspired and guided into the life of their heart’s core desire.

Saturday, 24 August 2013


In the deepest depths of manifested Life fields there is abyss of concentrated most powerful force which is able to renew and recreate everything, to make it all fluid, freely flowing, crystal clear, beautiful and loving. 
If applied, strong enough conscious, unified striving, this holy abyss can be opened and this powerful force unleashed.
This single force is already whole life's most important mainstay.
As invisible undercurrent it gives final meaning to every form of life-experience.
It heals and pacifies consequences of unleashing destructive forces,
always enveloping all and everything in its impartial and unbiased embrace.
Its formless radiation fosters harmony, praises unity and bestows humbleness.
In its unchanging, pure presence it is yet always new, 
ever-freshly aware of its own transparent and limitless nature.
It is vivid and silently joyful in its unconditional openness.
It flows inevitably and spontaneously whenever conditions arise -
whenever souls seeking restoration of human being in Light Divine,
bring all their dynamic elements in one-pointed directness in accord with the realization of that aim, and not only for themselves but for each other. 
Than it opens. Holy abyss opens and sublime, lightfull stream of Love pours out; Refining and reconfiguring soul substance to finally perform ineffable miracle by delivering luminous Crystal of human's essence - perfect and complete in itself, in a perfect resemblance with the greater life Divine, 
for all Eternity

Friday, 23 August 2013

Truth, Ethernal

"The soul that becomes strong in itself, which rises above material things and remains itself in joy and sorrow, exists in Eternity." 
Krishna to Arjuna

When mind realizes it is not a closed, and separated system of some fixed and confined being an important inner door opens and invitation for the Light, for the pure imperceptible substance, has been sent to come in and circulate throughout human experiences. 

And this Light circulation is what makes soul strong and non-affected by material circumstances. This Light is what develops heart consciousness which does not reason and analyze, but meets and knows things directly. This Light is what's in a mystical language called balm of Gilead, which comforts and nourishes soul, so that ones the unification with the Spirit and very concrete rebirth of living God in Life Eternal may happen.
Thus, when once by mind is realized that just simply thoughts are thought; feelings are felt; experiences are experienced; that all things come and go, appear and disappear, grow and decay and nothing can be held onto or pushed away - but there is only the spontaneous self-release of the here-and-now soul remains free, effortlessly abiding in the midst of any of it. Soul becomes more and more conscious of her inherent purity and stability, of her own inborn nature. Than all speculations and philosophies fade away, whole being calms down and in heart touched by the radiation of Eternal Truth, for which it longs for and searches, dawns the conviction of an incontrovertible fact that this Eternal Truth will eventually come and be known in Its fulness.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


The point of no return has been reached,
as we have stepped through the door in this pure,
vast space of our Home, Sanctum Sanctorum. 
Now we know where we came from.
Embodied or disembodied, 
this Love will keep shining - 
in all Eternity.
This Star, that you revived will never be extinct again.
This mantle of Light will be indestroyable,
however we may proceed further,
from one world to another.

May this praise arising from our thankful heart
be accepted by You.
You kept your promise, indeed,
fear and worry go in oblivion,
Candelabra burning brightly - 
sacred flame, ethereal light;
clear and unmoving mind one with gentle, smiling heart,
and Your beautiful name, 
uttered in utmost reverence with our whole being, 
silently resounds and spreads Its holy vibration 
through the seven spheres, 
o, Spiritum Sanctum!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Imperishable Treasure

There is radiation behind the visible life scene, imperishable, radiating truth of the spiritual life fully. 

Though timeless it has one main focal point, maintained safely throughout  time. 
It is also known as the Holy Grail,  represented as a chalice filled with the concentrated light power, pure cosmic substance or Christ's blood. 

It has always been a necessary liberating agent and universal, supreme remedy for human distorted condition.  
Sometimes it is called living water flowing freely from the pure spiritual fields which breaks ill-crystallized life forms, 
heals and restores original life design.

But this pure light force can only be accessed in free will, with clarity of intent and by honest heart. And it can not be applied without consequences for anything but for what it is intended - for the empowerment of the soul and its awakening in the spiritual field. As this substance is most precious gift of Love from those abiding in the spiritual field. 

Process of this alchemical renewal can be expressed in five steps.
Conscious and positive invocation of this incorruptible light substance for the renewal and liberation of the human essence, human spirit, from the environment not kindred to him.
Upon being invoked this light power or substance has to be inhaled in absolute surrender. Depth of the devotion determines depth of securing this power in the human microcosm.
To retain this power it is needed to ensure dynamic of its circulation. It means positive activity in harmony with the principle and aim of this power and in accordance with maximal capacity of each human personality.
And finally, what is necessary is accepting and carrying out all the consequences of the decision to cooperate with those sublime forces, which will manifest, - without any complaint, without sorrow but instead with joy and gladness. 

Than all conditions are made for the unfoldment of irreversible transfiguration, four steps merge into fifth - aimed awakening and liberation. 

"Today, I say to you, when you hear the voice do not harden your hearts, but let yourself be guided."

Friday, 16 August 2013

Illuminated Life

Living life in a perfect balance is only possible on the basis of the conscious conducting of the threefold stream of pure pranic Light - Love, Wisdom and Power - through the three sanctuaries, three main centers of the human system. Which means that human being needs to be a perfect light cross in which light divine power streams down in three branches. Thus primordial One becomes manifested as a threefold unity of Love, Wisdom and Power. In every man and woman in a unique way.
To make it possible is crucial to keep the flame of conscious presence burning in an absolute now; Which is to disregard past and future and live in an immediate, radiant presence. 
This also means to never close one's heart whatever the outer circumstances may be, to never give more importance to transient data of thoughts, feelings and other aspects of experience, than to the silent light flow which connects our heart with the eternal stream of divine Love. 
In this way light circulation throughout the human body will become self sustaining and our soul will grow in power and wisdom, more and more free from mortal bondage, becoming able to return to its predestined path, from which it ones had to descend into the regions of shadows. 

"Through your own heart comes the one light which can illuminate life and make it clear to your eyes"
Light on the Path

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Love Reflections

Light rays from the primordial spiritual sphere are always touching our current field of life, in this point of here and now, via the timeless field of soul. 
This soul field in a broader sense connects all human souls,
throughout the universe. 
It is invisible interconnectedness itself, which can and wants to become visible. 
And its inherent wish can be manifested and fulfilled only by humans which open their hearts for the subtle touch and enter into ever deeper communication with the divine Light. 
When they do so, when they begin to realize their real nature
spontaneously they come in harmony with universal Harmony and  
begin to radiate only Love. 
They don't have time nor desire to do anything else anymore, 
in whatever they might be still doing. 
From this point on, very demanding journey of human soul becomes smoothed and greatly blessed by this powerful Love. 
They realize themselves to be part of the uninterrupted light chain of kindred souls, light beings which forever serve Light and guard our real home of the Eternal Day.


Fragments from a medieval Cathar text about church of Love:

It does not exist in a fixed form,
but only by the mutual agreement of persons.
It has no members except for those who feel that they belong to it.
It has no rivals because it does not nourish the spirit of competition.
It has no ambition because it only wishes to serve.
It does not have any national boundaries because love does not act this way.
It respects all the great teachers of all times who revealed the truth of Love.

All who belong to it, practice the truth of Love with their whole being.
Those who belong to it, know that.

It does not try to teach other; but only tries to be and by being to give.
It does not make itself known by loud words, but works in the free domain of being.
It salutes all those who have enlightened the path of Love and gave their lives for it.
It does not promise reward neither in this or in another life, yet only the joy of being in that Love.

The church of Love has no secret, has neither mystery nor initiation except for the deep knowledge of the power of Love, as the world must change, if we as persons wish it so; 
but only if firstly we change ourselves.
All those who feel that they belong to it do indeed belong.
They belong to the church of Love. 


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Timeless Human

Like the sphinx immovably watching countless sunrises and sunsets,
keeping the eternal secret of the timeless human spirit and
radiating it from the ancient stone through the hot air and sand,
in all directions,
silent soul is beholding the mystery of its own nature,
of the Spirit, of the Light, of the Love, of the Immortality and Beauty.

And it begins to radiate, to beget and born something of its own nature,
here and now, and throughout whole universe and all the spheres where human Spirit dwells and needs to penetrate through the greater or lesser densities before it can return back and regain its full, original glory.
Once the holy longing for the eternal home is born in human's heart, divine Love is the guide itself on the way back.
And no fear is able any more to stop the unfoldment of the glorious destiny,
there is no power which could stop the seed of the divine beauty in human soul to bloom, and to never fade again.
Such is the mystery of the great compounded sphinx being in the desert of Egypt.
Such is the mystery hiding in mortal human appearance.
Immemorial promise of immense significance that is yet to be fulfilled.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Crossing of Light

Once descended from the Light fields through the cruciform path, we need to return back also in the same way.
Once born out of the beginning-less, endless Spirit as spirit sparks, enveloped as shiny, translucent light-drops in crystal sea of subtle forces, emerging as souls, beautiful, fluid, always in movement we finally descend fully into the gross matter.
Realizing essence of our own being - which nevertheless stays the same through all outward transformations of form and consciousness - we ascend back to being self illuminated spiritual beings which as everything else in divine manifestation unceasingly gives birth further to new manifestations.
And this realization and return must and only can be undergone through the soul field as a light path which mediates way to the domain of the immortal fire of the Spirit. This path of returning to the origin, is symbolized with the cross; Behind which always was, is and always will be great Love.
Primordial purity and immortal beauty of our being and unconditional love emanating from our eternal source, from within us, make all of this possible; This movement of life in both directions.This descending and darkening of light consciousness and than glorious ascending.
And what this now means for the actual, in matter enshrouded human being, is dying, disappearance of mortal, biological consciousness of separated and fearful “I” on its throne in the head. Alchemical process which is also included in the symbol of cross.

And than in its ultimate meaning cross is  also a symbol of final victory, unavoidable triumph of Light, which begins to shine ever brighter from the center of the cross, representing human spirit with heart as its center in which spiritual resurrection flourishes.
Life is thus made richer for one more, through dark experiences matured spirit spark, which becomes conscious co-creator with Divine.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

In the Garden

In the garden of soul-flowers, 
in the middle, springs eternal well.
Its water is always fresh, its sound is still, but vivid, melodic and resounds unceasingly, like home calling.
It radiates grace and love, which embrace whole garden in a beautiful, fragrant atmosphere.
Its magnetic force draws forever the flowers with invisible lines towards itself, giving them life and strength.

This garden in which all souls abide in unity, connected with the fountain of divine light power is open for everyone ready to orient their lives towards the immutable Light.
Everyone can open door in their heart which leads into this garden and than light forces themselves come to meet and help each soul to regain their primordial inner power and to meet their own, inner, living God.

Friday, 2 August 2013


O, Fire of the Spirit, mysterious creator and destroyer,
come into our hearts and make them free, 
pure and totally open for the new day that You will bring.

O, Sacred Fire, come and stay,
always connected with our innermost being and our outer life.

O, Fire of the Holy Spirit, may your sevenfold stream fully pervade our minds
 and make itself a permanent abode there.

O, Illuminating Spirit, may your forever blazing fire consume all our thoughts and feelings in one clear Seeing and Loving. 
May our hearts and minds be united in You, eternal transmitter of Divine will,
 Now and in all Eternity!