Thursday, 8 August 2013

Crossing of Light

Once descended from the Light fields through the cruciform path, we need to return back also in the same way.
Once born out of the beginning-less, endless Spirit as spirit sparks, enveloped as shiny, translucent light-drops in crystal sea of subtle forces, emerging as souls, beautiful, fluid, always in movement we finally descend fully into the gross matter.
Realizing essence of our own being - which nevertheless stays the same through all outward transformations of form and consciousness - we ascend back to being self illuminated spiritual beings which as everything else in divine manifestation unceasingly gives birth further to new manifestations.
And this realization and return must and only can be undergone through the soul field as a light path which mediates way to the domain of the immortal fire of the Spirit. This path of returning to the origin, is symbolized with the cross; Behind which always was, is and always will be great Love.
Primordial purity and immortal beauty of our being and unconditional love emanating from our eternal source, from within us, make all of this possible; This movement of life in both directions.This descending and darkening of light consciousness and than glorious ascending.
And what this now means for the actual, in matter enshrouded human being, is dying, disappearance of mortal, biological consciousness of separated and fearful “I” on its throne in the head. Alchemical process which is also included in the symbol of cross.

And than in its ultimate meaning cross is  also a symbol of final victory, unavoidable triumph of Light, which begins to shine ever brighter from the center of the cross, representing human spirit with heart as its center in which spiritual resurrection flourishes.
Life is thus made richer for one more, through dark experiences matured spirit spark, which becomes conscious co-creator with Divine.

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