Friday, 16 August 2013

Illuminated Life

Living life in a perfect balance is only possible on the basis of the conscious conducting of the threefold stream of pure pranic Light - Love, Wisdom and Power - through the three sanctuaries, three main centers of the human system. Which means that human being needs to be a perfect light cross in which light divine power streams down in three branches. Thus primordial One becomes manifested as a threefold unity of Love, Wisdom and Power. In every man and woman in a unique way.
To make it possible is crucial to keep the flame of conscious presence burning in an absolute now; Which is to disregard past and future and live in an immediate, radiant presence. 
This also means to never close one's heart whatever the outer circumstances may be, to never give more importance to transient data of thoughts, feelings and other aspects of experience, than to the silent light flow which connects our heart with the eternal stream of divine Love. 
In this way light circulation throughout the human body will become self sustaining and our soul will grow in power and wisdom, more and more free from mortal bondage, becoming able to return to its predestined path, from which it ones had to descend into the regions of shadows. 

"Through your own heart comes the one light which can illuminate life and make it clear to your eyes"
Light on the Path

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