Sunday, 18 August 2013

Imperishable Treasure

There is radiation behind the visible life scene, imperishable, radiating truth of the spiritual life fully. 

Though timeless it has one main focal point, maintained safely throughout  time. 
It is also known as the Holy Grail,  represented as a chalice filled with the concentrated light power, pure cosmic substance or Christ's blood. 

It has always been a necessary liberating agent and universal, supreme remedy for human distorted condition.  
Sometimes it is called living water flowing freely from the pure spiritual fields which breaks ill-crystallized life forms, 
heals and restores original life design.

But this pure light force can only be accessed in free will, with clarity of intent and by honest heart. And it can not be applied without consequences for anything but for what it is intended - for the empowerment of the soul and its awakening in the spiritual field. As this substance is most precious gift of Love from those abiding in the spiritual field. 

Process of this alchemical renewal can be expressed in five steps.
Conscious and positive invocation of this incorruptible light substance for the renewal and liberation of the human essence, human spirit, from the environment not kindred to him.
Upon being invoked this light power or substance has to be inhaled in absolute surrender. Depth of the devotion determines depth of securing this power in the human microcosm.
To retain this power it is needed to ensure dynamic of its circulation. It means positive activity in harmony with the principle and aim of this power and in accordance with maximal capacity of each human personality.
And finally, what is necessary is accepting and carrying out all the consequences of the decision to cooperate with those sublime forces, which will manifest, - without any complaint, without sorrow but instead with joy and gladness. 

Than all conditions are made for the unfoldment of irreversible transfiguration, four steps merge into fifth - aimed awakening and liberation. 

"Today, I say to you, when you hear the voice do not harden your hearts, but let yourself be guided."

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