Saturday, 24 August 2013


In the deepest depths of manifested Life fields there is abyss of concentrated most powerful force which is able to renew and recreate everything, to make it all fluid, freely flowing, crystal clear, beautiful and loving. 
If applied, strong enough conscious, unified striving, this holy abyss can be opened and this powerful force unleashed.
This single force is already whole life's most important mainstay.
As invisible undercurrent it gives final meaning to every form of life-experience.
It heals and pacifies consequences of unleashing destructive forces,
always enveloping all and everything in its impartial and unbiased embrace.
Its formless radiation fosters harmony, praises unity and bestows humbleness.
In its unchanging, pure presence it is yet always new, 
ever-freshly aware of its own transparent and limitless nature.
It is vivid and silently joyful in its unconditional openness.
It flows inevitably and spontaneously whenever conditions arise -
whenever souls seeking restoration of human being in Light Divine,
bring all their dynamic elements in one-pointed directness in accord with the realization of that aim, and not only for themselves but for each other. 
Than it opens. Holy abyss opens and sublime, lightfull stream of Love pours out; Refining and reconfiguring soul substance to finally perform ineffable miracle by delivering luminous Crystal of human's essence - perfect and complete in itself, in a perfect resemblance with the greater life Divine, 
for all Eternity

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