Tuesday, 20 August 2013


The point of no return has been reached,
as we have stepped through the door in this pure,
vast space of our Home, Sanctum Sanctorum. 
Now we know where we came from.
Embodied or disembodied, 
this Love will keep shining - 
in all Eternity.
This Star, that you revived will never be extinct again.
This mantle of Light will be indestroyable,
however we may proceed further,
from one world to another.

May this praise arising from our thankful heart
be accepted by You.
You kept your promise, indeed,
fear and worry go in oblivion,
Candelabra burning brightly - 
sacred flame, ethereal light;
clear and unmoving mind one with gentle, smiling heart,
and Your beautiful name, 
uttered in utmost reverence with our whole being, 
silently resounds and spreads Its holy vibration 
through the seven spheres, 
o, Spiritum Sanctum!

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