Sunday, 11 August 2013

Timeless Human

Like the sphinx immovably watching countless sunrises and sunsets,
keeping the eternal secret of the timeless human spirit and
radiating it from the ancient stone through the hot air and sand,
in all directions,
silent soul is beholding the mystery of its own nature,
of the Spirit, of the Light, of the Love, of the Immortality and Beauty.

And it begins to radiate, to beget and born something of its own nature,
here and now, and throughout whole universe and all the spheres where human Spirit dwells and needs to penetrate through the greater or lesser densities before it can return back and regain its full, original glory.
Once the holy longing for the eternal home is born in human's heart, divine Love is the guide itself on the way back.
And no fear is able any more to stop the unfoldment of the glorious destiny,
there is no power which could stop the seed of the divine beauty in human soul to bloom, and to never fade again.
Such is the mystery of the great compounded sphinx being in the desert of Egypt.
Such is the mystery hiding in mortal human appearance.
Immemorial promise of immense significance that is yet to be fulfilled.

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